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Duncan explores the markets in Koh Samui Thailand and discovers a unique seed pod called stink bean. He cooks up a wonderful prawn stir fry by the market in Koh Samui.This video is from series 2 of Duncan’s Thai Kitchen “a Taste of the South”
Duncans interactive cookbook from series 1 is available here on ibooks

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agus supandi says:

" Nice Cooking, Fresh Herbs., Nice Langguage.."

ญาธิดา เกษโมฬี says:


ญาธิดา เกษโมฬี says:


nyl eisor says:

wow wonderfull speaking thailand language plus with the thai accent.easy to communicate… 🙂

nyl eisor says:

wow wonderfull speaking thailand language plus with the thai accent.easy to communicate… 🙂

Twin Jalanugraha says:

You should be on PBS. Have you thought about that?

ทักษ์ มากสังข์ says:

ผมชอบสะตอ I love sator

Julia Manalo says:

looks yummy and healthy duncan! tho sooo easy to cook!!!
💛💛 the look of it!!! GODBLESS

Lie Kiok Ling says:

南洋印尼人称这豆Pete 华人称臭豆
吃多了 尿尿会有豆的重味道。。吃上黄瓜能解这味道。。

คุณหลง ชาวบางงาม says:


nova cinta says:

waww pete..i like that's

G Aragon says:

I enjoy your videos! Thank you for sharing the foods, places and culture about Thailand. Your videos are clear, colorful, & easy to understand – it makes want to learn how to cook Thai food and definitely to visit Thailand. Please keep sharing your cooking and travels. Only the best for you!

Street Food Only says:

Love this dish, Satore is so unique

Francis Inghels says:

sataw are always with prawns?

Boristos Jaxon says:

These stink beans make your pee smell like stink beans

Sanjak Pitakrat says:

I miss this dish

The Punisher. Mr perfectionist. says:

Wow very nice…i like satowa very much..and i found Nemo in the ocean.😂😃👍

Minie Leyen says:

Oh Koh Samui it's been a long time since I've seen you…I love that market people are friendly and foods are cheap….😊 Great video Duncan.

Spoon Fork Heart says:

Wow, another awesome video Duncan! Very cool to cook right there in the middle of the market! And the 4k video looks GREAT! Seriously, you're channel is one of the best on YouTube 🙂

benz 536 says:

I like you talk thai language,I like to see you cook food

Giselle Souvane says:

great camera work

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