Thai Food Fried Rice recipe ❤️️

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Duncan Robertson creates a unique fried rice dish in front of the Ancient city of Sukhothai. This dish uses Mackerel fish and is something a little different, enjoy!
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Sonya H Sok says:

The Best Quality Of Experience You Have It's Amazing Chef's Duncan I Love Your Show & Recipes With Refreshing … ! 🐂

Vanisweety Sweety says:

Wow. Delicious. Sir

Chris Charles says:

A dash of fish sauce is enough, i travel/ live in Thailand , my wife is Thai, i know that that much fish sauce is going to ruin it more than those ruins behind, when tasted , i bet it was salty as hell.

Aldrin Maniaquiz says:

why did you put too much fish sauce? did you end up with a salty fried rice? a dash of it will do.

Nantapon Boonlua says:

I think it's not real Thai style.

Chhaya Gautam says:

is there no requirement of salt

ShiMaY JodAi says:


syafiatul khusnah says:

are you married?

Mr.Wisarut Nualkaew says:

Your knife skill, WOWWW!! and you don't afraid of the heat. RESPECT!

Monsterlover says:

Hi Duncan do you know how to make bon-pha? It is made from minced fish in a motor with Thai eggplants and it almost has the texture like salsa.

John Doe says:

hi i love watching you cooking it's more easy to understand me and my husband happy to learn thai food.

lalita govinda says:

I my self chef:) you are very good and i love cooking thai food. being honest with your recipe its good think to share with people thank you

Ammitious says:

Kao pad Pra-too or Kao pad door lol jk

annie anastazya says:

I always get this when i go to the vanilla orchid its my fav but i get the vegetarian version it tastes so good glad i found this so i can make it at home

Bellala27 says:

Love the way you say those thai's ingredients 🙂

thegr8at1 says:

love ur vidoes/recipes.  plz share any noodles recipe if you have any…

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