[Thai Food] Fried Fish with Chili Sauce (Pla Tub Tim Rad Prik)

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[Thai Food] Fried Fish with Chili Sauce (Pla Tub Tim Rad Prik)

If you’re a spicy lover you’ll absolutely love this menu. Fried fresh Tubtim in hot oil until soft inside and crispy outside. Dress with intense sweet chilli paste.


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Ron Si says:

Kha kha kha. Yada yada yada. Kha kha kha.

Terrie Smith says:

Omg, I wanna eat that fish so bad.

Suryafara bracke says:

I've found my wish recipe.Thank you for sharing..

Mutita Thongpool says:

เมนูเด็ด. อยากกิน:)

Lupus Milenia 90's says:

Thailand ?? This Chef is Ladyboy, huh ??

Play Sacc says:

Can anyone tell me what is it on 2.51?

Gaga Niken says:

it's really delicious so yummy.👍

6Diego1Diego9 says:

the language is so different but interesting

Connor Playz says:

what type of fish?

Jmethang Thang says:

people who dont coconut sugar just use sugar

Saidatul Aqma says:

Where I can buy any of palm or coconut sugar?Its hard to find in my country

Kry Vituo says:

I want to know many foods.Can help me…

Ven Yadath says:

I would like eat and I want to marking it …..

What says:

Thank you! Made this dish and turned out awsome and delicious.

Msnetnet Jones says:

Where can i find coconut sugar? I really want to make this!

bluegirl542 says:

look so delicious yummy….

squange20 says:

Nice, but it would taste better if the fried fish were cooked in the sauce for a minute or so.

Candace Noy says:

Thank you for sharing. I have been craving this dish.

sayuri 96 says:

the chili already looks mixed 🙁 what products is in this to make? or what brand can is it?

Maple Desert says:

I'm drooling

kaidtolaa says:

Look so yummy.

SH MBC says:

I love spicy….

Chi Tam Ngo says:

Look so Spicy, but good flavor ! love it 😉

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