Thai Food Cooking Snake Head fish ❤️️

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Duncan is in Surat Thani provence Southern Thailand and cooks up a very popular dish called Plaa Lui Suan or Deep fried Snake head fish with sour mango salad.
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Jet Lee says:

sour baby mangos are so tasty but the aftermath is looks good though

OMMBoy says:

Im still have to take the salad off the fish, and take out the bones. But! very good

David PhoTWENTY says:

wow you nailed it on the Asian flavors, ,looks very tasty

Anyo Sayo says:

love you show but why you cook thai food? Why don't you cook your country's dishes. Just wondering

dirty Mushroom - Holly Bubba says:

this looks absolutely amazing my mouth is watering it's 9 a.m. and didn't you say this was a breakfast food? my kind of breakfast👍

Crab Sticks says:

It's good to kill and eat snakeheads a lot because they dominate almost all over the world and are invasive as well so no matter how much I love them as pets there fuckin tastie

Alfred Romeo says:

looks good Duncan

Addy Joe says:

thai food is always yummy

Addy Joe says:

good one mate

Understand Fr. says:

I'm come from Thailand, I very like your channel!!

Thai foods are very delicious !!!! > <

Krittika J says:


microteche says:

Ugly fish but I bet it tastes like heaven in that fresh salad mix. Cheers

Key Taste says:

this is dope i wish i can buy that fish here in the u.s

but hey if you have time come take a look at my cooking videos id love some feed back

Serey Pheap says:

It looks so yummy and delicious thank you so much for the recipes

Lorri Lynn says:

That's really disgusting!

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