THAI FOOD COOKING CLASS! – Tom Yum, Khao Soi, Hot Basil and MORE! (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

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We’re learning how to make Thai food today! A huge thank you to Asia Scenic Cooking School for letting us attend their class and for teaching us all about delicious Thai dishes.

Learn more about Asia Scenic and book your own cooking class today!

Dishes we made:

Tom Yum
Hot Basil Stir Fry
Cashew Nut with Chicken
Tom Sab
Green Curry
Khao Soy

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The Endless Adventure says:

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Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite Thai dish is!

RsN SN says:

This content so interesting for me, look forward your next video😁

jayinla310 says:

Allison's face was as red as her hair when she was eating the soup.  Good job guys

Ann Other says:

Loving the hats guys

somsaks2001 says:

Part of The White Temple looks unfinished was a result of the earthquake in Chiangrai a couple years ago I believe.

Sagon Meek says:

3:58 that are sugar canes

Pattaramon Chotmunee says:

You guys are so nice and i'm so happy that you enjoyed your adventure in Thailand. ^^

Elizabeth R says:

hello from México. 👍

peakarach says:

Lao foods original.

Ox Bone says:

i hope you do a cooking show if you ever get back home. a cooking show with recipes from your adventures

Jack Mountain says:

Bird is a myna bird. You talk, the bird will repeat your words

Steven J. says:

Wow! I love Thai foods.

jwrappuhn71 says:

Best vid yet.

ivanathegreat says:

Ha! You guys are basically previewing my trip to Thailand in December! Just booked with AsiaScenic for a cooking class last week. We booked ours in town though. Can't wait!

cHemon says:

The part with the little bird is funny. And it might be funnier if you know the Thai phrase "นกเอี้ยงเลี้ยงควายเฒ่า". I don't know how to correctly translate it but it's about how this kind of bird loves to stay on the WATER BUFFALOS. Just copy that Thai phrase and search on google and you will see.นกเอี้ยงเลี้ยงควายเฒ่า&newwindow=1&client=ms-android-samsung&prmd=ivmn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwip9t2piJDXAhWKOY8KHRtkDNAQ_AUIDygB&biw=360&bih=560

mithaweed says:

Go go go to FB and see the recognition you got from The Transit …you are among the top 12 BEST travel vloggers on Youtube! You rock and I am so proud!

MrSweetwords says:

I hope you checked your hair for bird lice. Can happen, especially with starlings. Sorry to spoil your day.

Colin Fergusson says:

The food looks absolutely delicious. I haven't tried a lot of Thai food but those soups looked great !!!. May have to look for a recipe book.

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