THAI FOOD BUFFET – Eric Meal Time #126

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All-you-can-Eat Thai food buffet in Tokyo at a reasonable price.
Restaurant info:
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Jared K says:

The curry soup with chicken is called tom yum.

Mountain Guy says:

Ewww. Mouth wash at the dining table. There are people eating around you, man. Lol. Sad looking buffet.

Dwight Turner says:

Okra is a southern staple in the U.S. Some eat it fried but I much prefer boiled. Loaded with salt and slimy as can be.

Francis Inghels says:

It's a NO NO….What is that?? Don't recognize the real food from Thailand…it's a Asian's mix food for tourists!!!

Austin Robertson says:

Is it me or does he look like Donald Trump

Apollo 440 says:

03:53 "These noodles are called… green pea noodles"
– Oh, so they have like green pea flour in them?
– No.
– Hm, so that's regular flour?
– Yeah.
– Regular flower and water, right?
– Not really. Regular flour and… green pea!

Aaahaha good one right? Yep, I'm the inventor of this joke.

Sithu Kyaw says:

okra is super tasty when it is cooked in curry

Yo says:

open the Door
close the Door
"see you on the inside"
cameraman cuts
"motherfucker open the fucking Door, bitch!"

larry sekishiro says:

try the Dim Sum in LA China Town Now that is Real Chinese Food or American Yoshoku Panda Express

bultaoreune says:

The only thai thing in this video was the music

Shao 210 says:

Fried okra is great ( with a spicy 🌶 cornmeal coating)

Commander Jameson says:

Thanks for the advice with the salads. You are absolutely righty with that. Icesalad has nearly no taste and they are cheap.

Burrr 687 says:

yellow curry looked good.

larry sekishiro says:

next time try the birds nest soup where the bird spits on the nest to make it tasty for Humans to eat and enjoy and a little expensive 🙂

Rei says:

in pakistan (which is in Southeast Asia) we call okra lady fingers ^^ well… at least my family does.

smoothswinging14 says:

Please be wilder

Myra The one and only says:

poor pad thai maybe this is not the best buffet place you can get good thai food

mikhael Theofilus says:

Really Only HD… Ok

Margaret Tran says:

Try some dipping ramen!

Shita says:

Hey Eric! What do you think about the fact that Japanese buffet has time limitation?

cruzisonfire says:

thanks for being on youtube for so long. ive always loved your videos.

PadatomO says:

This is not Thai food.

耐大南 says:

That PAD THAI look not that much like REAL PAD THAI. it's look tasteless

Dangerously Pink says:

Specifically beans and rice as a combination chemically creates the proteins missing from not eating meat

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