Thai Food BBQ Prawns, (Shrimp) Goong Yang Naam Jim ❤️️

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Duncan catches up with Uncle at a seafood market. Uncle is such a character and well known in this area for his sensational river prawns with Naam Jim sauce. He shares his recipe with Duncan.
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Piyada Jinsiri says:

ลุง อร่อยมากกกก น่ารักจริงๆ

Mike AtGoogle says:

This (or lobster) is my favorite seafood. Yes, that is the BEST sauce to eat seafood with.

Mr.Wisarut Nualkaew says:

In Thai actually we call it "Goong Pao".

6Diego1Diego9 says:

I need to go to thai land

Ronnie 5150 says:

OMG looks freking delicious ..FUCK mann making me hungry ..FUCK i meant For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge lolzz

Spanish Jo says:

Alamak eat free!

ben cocchia says:

Hi my name is Ben love to travel to Thailand one day…would love to hook 
up for guidance around, not to be a bother just hello…enjoy your videos…!

Noue Jocks says:

Your Thai is excellent! How long did it take you to get the language down?

Krittika J says:

You forgot to suck all the goodness from the head 😉

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