THAI FOOD basil chicken fried rice

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Close for more Thai cooking video recipes. In this episode Dim and Cathy Geefay cook Thai basil chicken fried rice . Thai recipes, Thai ingredients, Thai cooking instructions included


L pacino says:

I’m from Thailand and I can confirm that Thai basil fries with chicken is the most common food of Thai people recently.

Radia Tababi says:

Merci pour la recette. It seems delicious!!!

Teacher Mark says:

Aroy maak krub!

kevin ngo says:

This was the best video I've seen on this dish yet. Very informative as well!

Miss Chenda says:

what type of basil will be best for this recipe please?

Norbert Demanuele says:

I been making this recipe for years and love it everytime!

Today, I tried it with Catfish and it came out great too!

Alex Smith says:

I just made this meal without the chicken… it was SO good! Thank you for the excellent recipe and simple instructions!

MYinfinitig35 says:

I love this stuff. Can't wait to make it.

Robert Weiss says:

looks delish  cant wait to make this

I love the seventies says:

I can't wait to try this recipe it looks totally yummy

How To Feed A Loon says:

What a nice video tutorial, hope you love ours as well.. 😋🍴

Billy Love says:

What type of basil are you using?

lilliputlittle says:

I made this tonight for supper and it was wonderful! I added in finely sliced onion before I add the peppers/garlic to the hot oil. I also scrambled two eggs into the seasoned rice and chicken like my favorite Thai restaurant does. It tasted just like the Holy Basil fried rice with chicken that I always order there.

I only added one serrano pepper and there was only the barest hint of heat. I'll get to the Asian market next time to purchase some Thai chili peppers and try it with four peppers.

คนบางตาหงาย says:

Are you made 'Khaw Pad Kaprao'? Why you use sweet basil that is 'Ho Ra Pa' ? Thai pad kapao we must use holly basil for made it. Your food is 'Khaw pad ho ra pa' not ' Khaw pad kaprao' . Please not do and tell a mistake of Thai food to another person. You should study and learn about thaifood or come to my country for eat right thing. Welcome to Thailand for traveling, learning and eating. Although, Thai people are very shy to speak English but you can tell person what you want. they can help you.

Mohammed Nader says:

check my account for random videos

Baki Pest says:

Daughter is super annoying and shows stupidity due to being raised in the west yet shows fake pride

Oahu Girl Friday says:

Looooove it! I make it often almost as often as my Kimchee Spam Fried Rice! Watching again lol

Abdul Rokib says:

Watching it again lol. As usual. Wow can't believe I commented last year

Hemi says:

My family loves this recipe. Gonna make it again soon.

The Animaster says:

Damn so good I can almost TASTE it on my computer!! I miss Thailand and our outdoor wok 🙁 ~!!!!

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