Thai Food at Amphawa Floating Market – Thailand SEAFOOD FEAST Cooked on a Boat!

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Mike and I are taking you on a Thai street food snacking tour of Amphawa Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำอัมพวา)!
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Amphawa Floating Market is one of the most well known Thai floating markets, located around 1.5 hours drive from Bangkok in a province called Samut Songkhram. So we first drove over to the market in the mid afternoon to get started snacking on some of the amazing Thai street food snacks available throughout the market.

Tod man pla (ทอดมันปลา) – 20 THB ($0.57) – We started by sampling some fried fish cakes. They were pretty good, both Mike and I both enjoyed it.

Khanom krok kai nok (ขนมครกไข่นก) – 20 THB ($0.57) – Another snack at the same stall was fried quail eggs. They are so pure and so delicious.

Khanom bansib (ขนมปั้นสิบ) – 100 THB ($2.87) – This is a common Thai street food snack at Amphawa Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำอัมพวา) and they have a few stalls serving it. It’s alright, a pasty wrapper filled with fish, but not my favorite.

Hoy shell yang cheese (หอยเซลล์ย่างชีส) – 150 THB for 6 ($4.31) – Mike and I both saw the scallops topped with a variety of seasoning and then finally some cheese, and we both mutually agreed that we didn’t want to miss it. It turned out to be extremely delicious.

Floating Market boat restaurants – There aren’t actually that many real boat floating restaurants at Amphawa Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำอัมพวา), but they do have a few. After waiting a little while, we got seats and orderded up a selection of Thai seafood. We had goong pao (กุ้งเผา roasted shrimp), pla meuk yang (ปลาหมึกย่าง grilled squid), pla pao (ปลาเผา grilled fish), and finally boo pao (ปูเผา grilled crab) to complete our entire Thai seafood feast at Amphawa Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำอัมพวา). Total price – 1,060 THB ($30.47). Overall, the seafood was pretty decent, I especially enjoyed the crab.

Miang kham (เมี่ยงคำ) – 10 THB ($0.29) per stick – This vegetable leaf wrapped snacks is one of my favorites. In every bite, it’s a real taste of Thailand.

Khanom takoh (ขนมตะโก้) – 35 THB ($1) – We had a dessert, which is coconut pudding, and this time served in a take-away clay bowl.

Yam kai maeng da (ยำไข่แมงดา) – 100 THB ($2.87) – Finally to finish off this Thai street food tour of Amphawa Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำอัมพวา) with Mike Chen, we had to try some horseshoe crab salad. It was as good as always.

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Roz Corieri Paige says:

I've been to beautiful Thailand twice and ONE floating market.  My question is:  How can I order food at the floating markets that are NOT shellfish (shrimp, crab, lobster, etc.).  I am deathly allergic to shellfish and would like to enjoy and experience the Thai fish food experience.  What do you recommend that I ask for, order, and look for in the floating markets.  Thank you for your expert response.

Louis Yacobi Grayr says:

Mark, lose the partners…

calin morales says:

I do not like flies 🙈

Becca R says:

Wow! My two favorite people in one video!!!

Jose Osorio says:

I love your shows man good blessed u n your family im Friday m Philadelphia n we have some off the best see food n awer home made Philly Chee's stakes if u will like to try n apasode her let me now I show u my home town

Lucian 13 says:

you two are the best together 🙂 im going to thailand in 3 weeks for 8 days and i want to try as much of the food i have seen you guys eat in this vid and the other i watched. It all looks amazing 🙂 thanks for the cool vids brotha

Brandon Koay says:

Damn! Both of my favorite food YouTubers are teaming up together! Mike Chen seems a bit less enthusiastic in this vid. Wish I could hang out with them and enjoy the food.

Dan Becker says:

The water looks really dirty ..

Dana Eschberger says:

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the two of you! Mark with his wonderful food reaction and Mike with his oh,oh,oh! Please do more together!! The love of food really comes through when you both eat and that is what keeps us coming back to watch y'alls videos 😍😍

raghvan Rahmannair says:

Tks fro video mr mark and friends mike bye to

Ariana Sky says:


Julianne Taladua says:

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david stillwell says:

Thailand is nasty,,,. stay away from Thailand

Kelly McQuoid says:

Those scallops looked amazing😍 can't wait to get to Thailand now

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Please invite me to Thailand and go on a tour with food with you Mark, i just love thailand and your show!

Tina Kalika says:

Can you pleas do a video on Phuket Thailand

Mai Beauty Insight says:

Your friend mike look like Jackie chan lolll

Roxxi Berry00 says:

Mike is cute lol. I want some of those eggs though.

Mizzrideordie Justice says:

hi   mike   love  u  too   thats looks awesome

Ken Shiro says:

Great collaboration guys

Sil Wi47 says:

Great food videos! Can’t wait to visit Thailand in Sept.

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I absolutely love Mike!  He is so funny…especially at 20:20.

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