THAI FIGHT 2015 May 2 Samui Saenchai vs Matt Embree

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THAI FIGHT 2015 May 2 Samui, Surathani
2 พ.ค. 2558 ณ พรุเฉวง อ.เกาะสมุย จ.สุราษฎร์ธานี

64 kg. Saenchai แสนชัย พี.เค.แสนชัยมวยไทยยิม(Thailand) vs Matt Embree(Canada)

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m3xicanrebel says:

Poor fighter haha he looked like a noob,….. sanchai is the shit

Fausy Math says:

The kid fought chai just to make name for himself no matter the cost. ( yes I fought him!) But chai only use 50% over all fight. The kid would of gone to the hospital in the first round if chai gave 100%.

Anthony Angel says:

Fighting with the sun in your eyes must be a bitch

Juancho Vazquez says:

im new to muay thai but why dont they utilize more inside boxing in that clinch they are always in. also liver punches i never see them either. just curious

lakailf says:

What a beautiful place to fight. Outside, amidst the water and sun.

มอส เองครับ says:


Janco carp says:

Zero boxerich

Janco carp says:

Können beide nichts

Louk Skywougko says:


ViolettSchafLP says:

Isn't it super annoying to have the sunlight in your face?

steve mean says:

lol… they all worship a king like gods.

Matt Wilson says:

Man that glare is harsh but it does add to the atmosphere. Such a dope venue

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