[Thai Dessert] Sweet Thai Coconut Pancake (Pang Ji)

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[Thai Dessert] Sweet Thai Coconut Pancake (Pang Ji)

Thai dessert that made from glutinous flour mix with shredded coconut and palm sugar. After that roast them on the pan. This dessert has 2 colors which are light yellow or deep purple.



Nanik Listiani says:

Yummy 💖💖💖💖💖thank food travel ,tv

Purvi Malkan says:

what is Pang Jee?

Niwast Brekness says:

Yummy! food Travel tv thank

Shell Bell says:

I made these today with coconut blossom sugar and banana 🙂

ohboy50062 says:

Why can't you just melt the sugar into coconut milk instead of standing there awkwardly trying to squish it?

mehappybunny says:

Nice recipe. Thanks. Though I'd advise against using metal spatula (or utensils) on non stick Teflon pans.

anythingcute says:

Fantastic. Yes these sweetie are cheep but since I'm not a Thai, and have to drive one hour and 30 minutes to get this sweet things. I will have to estimate. And thanks to you, this will do.

Mausie Sylvani says:

Looking for the recipe is a waste of time.Goodbye Food travel.

tamsinthai says:

Oh bugger this. I'll just pop round to my local talad sod/nat and buy the bloody things. Only 20 baht ….

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