[Thai Dessert] Crispy Ruby – Red Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk (Tub Tim Grob)

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[Thai Dessert] Crispy Ruby – Red Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk (Tub Tim Grob)

This is a popular Thai dessert for whether Thai or foreigners. Who do not know delicious place to eat this dessert, you can serve yourself at home. Then you will know how easy and delicious it is.



youkong taing says:

I subscribed and enjoy your VDO so much.Just wonder how do you call ขนมไทย ชนิดหนี่ง made from sticky rice flour wrap shredded caramelised sweetened coconut the size of quail egg ,round ball shape and cover all over by shredded young coconut.They sometimes made in various colours and the flour part is not sweet only sweet from inside part. Thanks.

ParadiseSunrise Yoga says:

Love this, making it tonight, it's called Taptim Krob…. and Tap tim or Tub Tim also means pomegranate. Possibly it derives from the impulse to make pomegranate dessert when they had no pomegranate.

Victoria Urrutia says:

I work for Thai people and just the other night they had me try this. I had no idea it had water chestnuts. Cool dessert 🙂

Venila Shan says:

Now I know the crunchy part is water chestnut. It was nice.

hian louw says:

I tried this and coconut ice cream while shopping at chatuchak.. Really good.. Never forget 🙂

Loraein Lok says:

this looks easy… i'll try it out soon… thanks for such a clear and well explained vid…

jiranma says:

It is also very nice if flavoured with jasmine or rose. Lovely dessert.

joyce Tan says:

Hi,Thank you for your video,its very helpful & details. May i know how many days can i store  this dessert in the fridge,or store the prepared red water chestnuts in the fridge? Thanks again for your reply.

Rod Rollums says:

I love this dessert
Thx for sharing

Zyklon Coven says:

I thought this was gonna be a band called Crispy Ruby and their song "Red Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk" :/

Rattanarerg Onyaem says:

^____^ I like It.Thx

Ange Mariam says:

That was so easy to make because I can speak thai

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