Thai Curry Competition – Gordon Ramsay

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Simply Thai’s signature dish is spicy sweet pork. Head chef hopes this will be enough to see her restaurant crowned The F Word’s best local Thai restaurant.

Yumyum’s signature dish is red chick curry with plantain.

Season 5 of The F Word. A bold, modern and mischievous take on the world of food combines location VTs, kitchen actuality, celebrity interviews, stunts and recipe based challenges to give the format its trademark energy, pace and visual richness and create waves in the food world and beyond.

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Adogawa conan says:


Bat Guano says:

All that looks delicious. I went to a restaurant that offered a plantain soup and I asked if it tasted like banana soup. I was told it did not taste like bananas (which seemed an insane claim because plantains taste like bananas more than anything else). I was served it and sure enough it tasted like banana soup. Really gross, but I had to try it.

Buddhi Dev says:

Thai food is the fusion food by it's origin. The Southeast Asia peninsula was trading area by both land and sea (Land between India and China, and with Pacific ocean and Indian ocean, and the Islands down south), so we, the Southeast Asian people adopted and fused everything together in our own ways.

mommozz123 says:

It's so weird. Broken English with British accent.

Indrek Ojaste says:

There you go @ 2:21 take a note girls nowdays

Melvin Tan says:

I know Thai cuisine uses white sugar as a ingredient quite frequently. But I'm curious because I don't usually take white sugar, is it possible to substitute it with brown sugar?

xTheGamingGhostx says:

Why is Tajiri's theme playing?

Neo JW says:

Simply Thai is really passionate and dedicated. I'm not trying to discredit yumyum, but the lady from simply Thai even takes the effort to grind her own spices and make her own paste using a pestle and mortar instead on relying on blenders, hats off to her. This level of dedication mustn't go unnoticed

Tink Waffen says:

not!! thaifood!!

laser325 says:

No msg – not authentic Thai food.

Flakysuki says:

coconut cream Are best thing to cook thai curry

spinelessthief says:

Coconut cream is the same thing yes, but less diluted thus much creamier. And I have to say that more often than not I see authentic thai recipes where you fry off the paste first to release more flavour before adding coconut cream and/or milk. But there are as many ways to cook thai as there are thais so….

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