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Chef Da’s Thai cooking recipe – Red Curry Chicken

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Sir Cristosterone says:

I'm Irish german. Shes a magician giving secrets!!

Daly star &daisy star says:

M my my. My my m m my name is Ricardo Rivera

Diane Winchester says:

What a sweetie pie?

Sam Vithanage says:

Very nicely done. I guess you didn't add kiffir lime leaves because you added the kiffir lime peel to the curry paste. I give thumbs up, and those who gave thumbs down must be jealous of you. Once again, very nice!!!

reinhard troppmair says:

It looks great

Animal Lover Gaming says:

I really love your cooking videos. I am learning to cook foods from different cultures at the moment and you are awesome.

BitNRG says:

Wonderful video, however I think you cheated us a little 🙂 … 5 minutes of griding is not enough (maybe 50), and that paste result was clearly taken from a commercial brand: it's impossible to get to that point manually. I know for sure because I cook red curry from raw since years now and because … a red curry famous brand container can be see right in the background behind you 🙂 however you inspired me with this video years ago, and I still love it ! (

Rem Nov says:

I'd like to play pound u chef da after u lose 100 lbs.

Norbu Tshering says:

Look like so testy thank you so much your video

Anthony Spanjich says:

Hello, I love your countries food. I once went to thailand and an old lady gave me her recipe for red curry that was
Fresh galangal, garlic, coriander roots, lemongrass, fish sauce, oyster paste, turmeric, cummin seed, paprika, Kafir lime leaves, coconut milk, spanish red onion, chilli….. It was BEAUTIFUL. I'm sure yours is too. Thanks – nice video

Mar Fuji says:

I'm ordering thai I'm too hungry now to make this on my own. THANk YOU FOR TEACHING US HUNGRY PEOPLE@@@!!

Kayla Douglas says:

One of my favourite foods! Chef Da is such a ray of sunshine and I feel good about my cooking and myself after watching these videos

Angel The Guy says:

Making some now but the easy way. Am going to make it the authentic way once I find a stone mortar like that.

ورد البنفسج says:

my cud every good
so nice

Dominic M says:

Amazing! Gotta try this..

Sister May says:

Looks soooooo delicious ! Can't wait to make it, yum !

キタ キタ says:

We dont have fresh galangal and lemon grass here .

Halima Sinsuat says:

i love thai food so much and i am from Philippines..

Junior Moe says:


Tom Mate says:

I just made this curry and it was absolutely delicious!!! Highly recommend chef da's recipes for thai curry!!!

lakshita arya says:

hey me not able to find shrimp paste nor Kaffir lime ..can I know the substitute..

Nick Gogan says:

This came up amazingly for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with everyone here!

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