Thai Cooking Recipe: Pad Thai Fried Noodles in Egg Wrap from Lobo (Thai food)

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Thai Cooking Recipe: Pad Thai Fried Noodles in Egg Wrap from Lobo (Thai food)//
Ingredients: Lobo Pad Thai Stir-Fry Sauce,
Fresh rice noodles or called Chan noodles
(or) dried Chan noodles or bean vermicelli,
Peeled fresh shrimps,
Diced extra firm tofu,

Picked bean sprouts,
Chopped garlic chives

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the Mask says:

mmm so delicius

the Mask says:

mmm so delicius

isha singh says:

it's huge

Rudra Darnal says:

Lovely foods

crosman177 says:

2:25 mmmmhh smell sooo good!! Great piano- fun vid 🙂

Marcia Armon says:

A packet of pad thai paste? Nooooo. Seriously. I'm disappointed. Making your own sauce is the way to go. Packet sauce doesn't do pad thai justice.

Midnite Reveries says:

Pad Thai is actually a Chinese dish, not Thai. Pad Thai originated from Southern China. Tofu, dried shrimps, rice noodle, Chinese chives, etc, are not Thai ingredients, the sauce however is though.

אורי לוי says:

I wanted to make this but I don't have a banana flower
also what's a banana flower

Scott says:

 mompapangkea love patthai..

speedybluegimp says:


Felicia beeks says:

I love this video a lot and I also love Pad Thai ! thank you very much ! :}:}

Leny Kong says:

Ooooooh looks easy

Maximum Douche says:

very nice
im getting hungry

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jmpicturefly says:

oh man I've strayed into the thai cooking area. sheeeeeeeeeet

Anthony Valdez says:

Mmmm looks delicious.. me and my dad are gonna make some tomorrow to excited and hungry! happy eating 🙂

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doctordoolittle2800 says:

Isn't she fun to listen to? Just loved her voice over – made it a really enjoyable how-to video. Also, thanks for the short history lesson at the beginning. That was very interesting about Pad Thai's history and importance. ♥

tahmid abtahi says:

very happy voice

Dhumvathanavit pantharangkul says:

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