Thai Cooking: Coconut Sticky Rice

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Learn how the best in the business make their culinary creations come to life with Bon Appetit’s celebrity chef video series. In this episode, watch as Night + Market chef-owner Kris Yenbamroong makes coconut sticky rice.

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Thai Cooking: Coconut Sticky Rice

Starring: Kris Yenbamroong

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Diane Madden says:

Easy and good!

muzz brudr says:

If you add one part condensed milk to one part coconut milk, leaving out the sugar can give it almost a caramel fudgy flavour to it? had no sugar so tried it and wow lol.

Lis Nikoliqi says:

Who the fuck has a steamer like that? Good job showing us how to cook something with things nobody has.

OS German v says:

what kind of rice do you use?

Golbon Mol says:

Good on serving these heavenly tasting things with main courses – honestly if I could make one change to what the Asian restaurant I worked at would be this. Now I know well that "Asian" covers a wide range of foods and that's exactly the joint I worked at used to try to do.

maycrash dub says:

we malaysians eat this too . i didnt know it was thai cuisine ..

Mandi T says:

thank youuuuu! my x's mom would make this all the time for me and i havnt been able to get the recipe from her. i missed this so much. cant wait to make it!

Ilyne Lim says:

How ever sweet you want it to be mochi…and don't use a lot of salt. Just a pinch to blend and enhance the flavor. I use a can 13.5 fl oz and a 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 3/4 cup of sugar

MistahKelly's Neighborhood says:

How stupid is this! Yea we all own a dumb contraption like that.  How about recipes for everyday ppl!

Teresa says:

Sweet! This is how my mom make them. *yummy*

basillisks says:

Love the use of the rice with savory dishes!
Finally found Alphonse mangos at the store to eat with the sticky rice.
Mochi is next!

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