Thai Cooking Class & Thai Massage in Bangkok Thailand

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On my last day in Thailand I went to a cooking workshop, a seafood buffet, and for my first time ever got a traditional Thai Massage!

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James Moon says:

It would be helpful if you could put the prices of your experiences.

watcherofthings says:

he's a virgin, doesn't matter dudes awesome , virgin for sure

Vandread106 says:

Kind of wished you would show the massage , haven't seen a Thai one

Tikky Coll says:

Real Thai massage doesn't have the " happy ending" all the pervs are looking for. Sexual massage is illegal in Thailand. What you heard of or even visited was the front for illegal brothel.

genesisTCaliEnginerd says:

Lol never had a massage Mikey i know you lying.

andy law says:

Dude, you should come to Cambodia, food is amazing there.

Captain Planet says:

Did you get happy ending Mike?

Hezze says:

Hey man, i have a question where are you from? i have never quite figured it out you look kinda asian but i Dont know haha

leo ll says:

Hi, my name is Mikey Chan, and I would like to yell you: "it tastes like Korean, but better…"

Jason Hutchins says:

Good video man. I was in and out of BKK for the month of June, and took a day trip to the khlong toei market as well. It was overwhelming and intense, but memorable experience. The day I went, I was the only Caucasian I saw for about an hour, so I felt like I got to get away from the beaten path. You definitely got a very expensive massage, a legit massage can be had for 150-250 per hour, though the place you went did look more like a spa and not just a massage place.

Christian M says:

I just watched your new movie's trailer, The Foreigner. Ill definitely watch it for sure!

pablo just pablo says:

That place was called "Cooking With Poo" Please no!

Zali Zali says:

that was rude calling the chef poo

robert larios says:

bro don't take this the wrong way but F#ck you

Jack Rippers says:

I have a deep fear of eating @ those stalls and getting some crazy stomach virus

Jenny Xiong says:

did you encounter any scams on your trip? My siblings and i are planning to go in November and would like suggestions.

momkatmax says:

For a spa massage in USA it would be closer to 120$ for two hours.

ChefMK says:

how much is the cooking class? i was looking up some before and they are expensive!

TravelerPat says:

That's too bad you didn't go to Chinatown​. I so would love to hear your perspective on a lot of things there as someone of Chinese descent but from a different region. The majority of Chinese in Thailand are of Chaozhou origin and although they share a lot of familiar dishes from the Guang Dong region, there are some differences that I'd like to hear your thoughts on and also their own specialties. Next time, Mike!

Sponges says:

"Cooking with poo" Kinda an ill chosen name 😛

Wilson Tan says:

Will u do a vlog for the seafood buffet?

Lev Fedorov says:

makes me wanna try those crunchy fried bugs

Phoenixspin says:

It was really weird seeing (or not seeing) Mike get a massage.

SirVapingAlot says:

yay I found the video!!

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