Thai Cooking – CHICKEN TOM YUM

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Chef Da’s Thai cooking recipe – Chicken Tom Yum

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Jim Lee says:

Great videos! Would you do one on cookimg rice please? Type, method, rinse, time etc… thanks!!!!

Zhengming Song says:

Good job. Please make more videos.

Mai Seidel says:

I will make Tom Yum soup. Watching from Illinois USA.

Willian Moe says:

cut your fingers nail, nasty! nasty

bluesky1 says:

thank you so much I enjoyed watching your dideol. your so organised and your instructions are very clear. I cant wait to try making TOM YUM I loooooove it.. cant wait to watch your other videos.

LeMarais88 says:

What is a good fish sauce substitute? Thanks.

Ramz n says:

I saw fly enjoying one those ingredients :39

LuckY-7 says:

is anyone notice that there is a fly on the bowl of onion at 0:39 xD or only me who see it? lol

Suleman Nathani says:

Chef you are wonderful and your recipes are easy and easy to follow and prepare.  Thanks very much.

Joanna Jacob says:

You don't add coconut milk?

Joseph Anthony says:

Please add a printable recipe.

SuperStargazer666 says:

I love this lady!!! The Soup looks totally yummy😀


Nice, Thanks. Did you forget the sugar ? I love creamy broth. Is it possible to put Nestle cream ?

Kellys Thai says:

OMG awesome… Check My Thai food please❤️

Korn Lucks says:

squeezing lime into a boiling soup!
Will it make the lime taste weird?

Jovi v says:

Chef Da , please more videos soon

tansiri chimmai says:

I love Thai food so much and i'd like to recommend you try another thing, escape hunt experience where you can enjoy and have so much fun with their games, here you let you play detective and solve all mysteries in order to escape the room in an hour.

Heart Cruz says:

just tried it for our dinner tonight and it's sooooo yumm! Thanks Chef Da! I will cook this again when we visit my sister in law! xx

Serey Pheap says:

I love you channel❤️👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️

Tippy H says:

Made it according 2 the recipe oh my goodness 'Yummy'!  then I made it every week.  ur recipe  not only yummy but beautiful  color. koop koon nong DA. greeting from CA.

bremburg1 says:

Thank You Chef Da. Can you PLEASE do a video of making Tom Kha Gai. You are amazing.

Nyvia1119 says:

Chef Da, can you please make a video of your recipe for Tom Kha Gai. Thank you!

Tippy H says:

By the way I like ur 'chef out fit' hi 5!! take care.

Tippy H says:

I bought Kaffir leaves from Asian market, freeze, use whenever i needed, the aroma is heaven !! Thanks nong/chef Nana! Will try this recipe soon. koop koon/

GizmoBee1702 says:

Thank you! Your instructions are superb! You make it look easy, plus your hints along with the cooking demonstrations are very helpful. I have been cooking Thai style for several years, mainly from cookbooks. Seeing and listening is so much better! I have most of the ingredients already in my kitchen or available at an international market a few miles away. However, fresh galangal and kaffir limes leaves are unavailable. I will have to substitute fresh ginger and lime zest. I hope that is alright. Please make more videos: you are a star!

Tippy H says:

Watched many Thai chef  u r my fav. koop koon = thank u.

Gabby Garcia says:

please post more videos. i did the soup and it turned out to be great. my family LOVED it

toojthu lis says:

Love the thai chicken ginger

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