Thai Cooking – BBQ Pork & Beef Tongue

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Today Pie is going to whip up a dish that her mum really likes which is Thai BBQ Pork and Beef Tongue; cooked using a traditional Thai BBQ pit. The dish is accompanied with a selection of Thai vegetables and of course lots of chilies … enjoy!

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Jan Black says:

Love watching pie cooking and fishing and working put you to shame graham she is wonderful

5loquesea says:

That dish looks a great refreshing summer dish! I know you ask Pie the name of it, but would you mind to put it in writing, thanks.

john basic says:

love how Pie is wearing the abba tee shirt

crispernator says:

Hi mate if i could get over the thought of it being a tounge it probably would be nice take care

Stellar P. says:

b4 she added dry chillies you should have asked her to leave out a small portion for you with out the chillies. You're one strange man, you don't likes spicy food but you likes hot woman. lol….

micky01827 says:

No way Could I eat tongue……
.noooooo way

Ping Jockey Productions says:

Fresh Thai food is the best, only small amount of chili for me. .

Mr Nice says:

why does she ignore u not like it to spicy ? what a downside 🙁 me personally would have got mad as f… staitup disrespecting U wtf is wrong ?

Kay Karu says:

Well why not separate your portion before adding the chilies?

Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow says:

Nakin !!! 55 But Wron maak maak!! 👍🇹🇭😂😂

Pravej Norlander says:

Nice she has a ABBA t-shirt:)

180goldenboy says:

That looks really nice. Thanks for upload.

Kevin Kingan says:

Pie enjoys teasing you about your stomach and chilli's 555…I love it!!! Everything looked soooo goood!!!!!!

Pierre Bahnsen says:

Really like this one … fun 🙂

ThomasNSherrod says:

Pie always looks like she's havin fun with her cooking segments! toasted rice powder, interesting. looks delicious. Though I like fish/seafood, not a big meat eater myself. Like the fresh seafood esp. in the south of Thailand.Though, not sure if I could survive w/out spicy. Sounds like you've worked out the alternatives though.

Chris Crookson says:

That video had me chuckling all the way through! Pie's comedy cooking lessons are the best thing on YouTube!! Thanks for the past few days guys. I'm still buzzing 😃

Bernadette Morgan says:

Chillies 🌶 no problem , tongue big problem lol ❤️ Love watching Pie cooking vlogs too ❣️

Ben Woodward says:

Probably the most pleasant Thailand vlog I've ever seen, and I've seen plenty!

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