Thai Cook-off – Gordon Ramsay

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From season 2 of Gordon’s Great Escape. For the second series, Gordon goes back on the road doing what he loves most: searching out the best food in the world and testing himself in extreme and demanding situations. This time he’s not just taking on one country, his appetite for adventure will take him through four of South East Asia’s most exciting culinary destinations: Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

In this clip Gordon competes with locals in a cooking competition, losing out to a rival team.

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failtolawl says:

fish sauce tastes much better if fermented for a long time. 2 weeks doesn't seem like enough time to kill the bacteria I would think…

Unda Yamaguchi says:

Fish sauce thai Veryyy salty

sHimon Wayne says:

นำ้ใครขอกิน XD

shinigami656 says:

he might be a tad know-it-all celebrity chef, but he is always learning! love that about him

strata g says:

I love Thais, so much fun, you never see them down, always ready to laugh 😀

Aemil Palm says:

Yeah! Eat shit.

Prajao C says:

Always being barely to communicate – I don't like my country look like bunch of idiots -*- If the mama just be able to communicate a little more and just tell him how to season properly at first, Gordon might not end up like that.

MCJasonn says:

Pause at 1:57 "Her face is like what the fuck have you been cooking"

Thanawat Phumipraphat says:

โคตรๆ เสียดายนานมาแล้ว 55

BEE YJF says:

3:11 keep repeating hahaha

supakarn jeangwirichaikull says:

ห้าาาาาา กอร์ดอนแรมซีร์มาไทย!!!! อยากเจอฉิบหายเลยยยย

xDisRazyboix says:

You can't judge that by a race. Everyone has a different palate. Some taste spicy foods betters, some taste sweets better, and on and on.

MsFancyPants says:

what was he cooking?

Spacemonkeymojo says:

Hahahahahahah Gordon was great in this video

Santa Rai says:

this gravy pot is doing my fucking headin

CryfireChannel says:

Yep, Recognize those voice. Sounds of my Childhood ever since Going on a Trip in Thailand.

RedSquadMike says:

mamas got a good sweet sour flavour ;D

bishal rai says:

i wanna taste thai food …i love spicy food 😀



Ben Krutpong says:

why the fuck did i clap the end

Free4AllGhost says:


Thanh Ngân says:

lol 1:29 "very good… very spicy"

aynat hkiehs says:

"i hate loosing…….boo hoo hoo hooooo" lol

ekaxip says:

Ha Ha Ha Ha Best Part 3:10
I love him

Mozzthecoolguy says:

why are u assuming then ?

dachicagoan says:

That is how native Thais look like!! You are referring to people who are descendents of Chinese immigrants from the past hundreds of years into Indochina (Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam).

tune b says:

dude what part of thailand is that they look indian i thought thais are chinky

specialworks10 says:

ads at the end now..

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