Thai Coconut Pudding Recipe (Kanom Krok)

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Kanom Krok (or Khanom Khrok) is a deliciously sweet Thai dessert recipe that is golden brown and crispy on the outside, and soft and sweet on the inside. For full details see our blog post here:

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Thamilini Kengatharan says:

hi I'm in Switzerland and I don't find any glutinous flour so can I use just a rice flour?…

Anna Khinphang says:

thank you so much

nkaujhmoobvwj says:

thanks…I've been meaning to make this with a mini cakepop maker..

TechTuners says:

The best tips I can give are to use a low heat. If the base mixture starts to cook before you've put the sweet mixture in then the temp is way too high. You need to put the sweet mixture in while the base mixture still looks like a liquid from the top view that you can see. When you said leave to cook for a "few" minutes I just assumed 3 minutes. For me it was 6 minutes, 9 minutes is too much. I think this recipe uses too much sugar.

Giff Hardwick says:

Finally found the most easiest way to make this desert! Thank you x

Sharja Khan says:

I'm having an issue where the undersides cook brown and crispy, but the middles are still wet and undercooked. Hence, when I scoop them out, the coconut milk layer spills out. But if I leave them to go longer, the undersides will burn. Any suggestions? Is it a heat issue or a ratio issue (water to rice flour)?

Kiab ntxhi Thoj says:

Wat kind of coconut milk

Belita William says:

is glutinous flour just regular flour? (wheat with glutin?)

Jean Kanlaya says:

Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!

navusx says:

Nice and clear simple instructions, thank you love it new sub.
Looking forward to try out all your other recipes.

Crystal says:

I totally failed at making this :/

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