Thai Coconut Ice Cream

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Thai-style coconut ice cream at Talat Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand.

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Fan Cris Devil Gamer says:

Thái thái cái lồn qè

Giang hoài says:

kem xôi dừa

yl2201 says:

nothing special

Julius Vinh says:

How much does it cost ? It looked like she put many things in there including labor work to prepare them …, I hope she could make some profit selling the Ice cream with all that ingredients !

Eric Vauwee says:

Are these…. kidney beans?!

نونه محمد says:


kim doja says:

i want iz 🙁

Gan Ying says:

running man😋

meobeo173 says:

Fuck, my pillow is wet

Goasheng Lor says:

Looks yummy

Yoki Oni says:

Beautiful 🙂

martin27 says:

i want ² eat it

ขาว อมชมพู says:

ไอติมแบบนี้เราชอบมาก เราว่ามันอร่อยกว่าไอติมวอล แมกนั่ม สเวนเซ่นพวกนี้เยอะเลย ชอบใส่ลูกตาลกับถั่วลิสง

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