thai chef soh..pad thai in less than 2 minutes

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pad thai wok demo

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Rphomecooking says:

Him should respect the food .

Cambodiot says:

He is not a 100% thai his mom was a thai prostitute that marry to a foreigner that why he is angry as an adult.

surasit thongphoo says:

ผมคิดว่าเขาคงอยากจะสื่อถึงผัดไท ที่chef ไทย ทำขายในต่างประเทศมันไม่ใช่ผัดไท จริงๆ มันเหมือนขยะ เขาเลยทำแล้วปาทิ้ง เพื่อสื่อว่ามันคืออาหารขยะ มันไม่ใช่ผัดไท

lemkil76 says:

I'm shocked! Is he mental?

unclesugar900 says:

he failed as a chef and as a human.

marlboro red says:

A real chef will nv nv nv do such thing,he's an idiot nt a chef

sharpasaneraser says:

perfect ending. its only about 70 cents worth of ingredients on a plastic plate.

thelonious monk once came out to play on a beautiful gleaming jet black grand piano with a gorgeous cut-crystal vase holding 24 glorious long stem freshly cut red roses… he snatched the vase up, lifted the lid, struck one note and dumped the water, roses and crystal into the magnificent instrument. with the reverberation resounding in the concert hall he slammed down the lid, did a 180 and walked off the stage.

Thotsaporn Nipatnantaporn says:

มันออกมาเป็นสปาเก็ตตี้หรือไงอะ ปาทิ้งซะ

AsianMuslimGirl says:

it's mean the foods are somthing that grow us up and can't be waste. think about poor people, they do anything they can to find the foods to eat and live. we may have so many techtologies but we can't live with out the foods. and this is not right to waste them. and good ppl are not praise of this.

TheFlava1980 says:

food is to eat not throwing around..

oce says:

What do you mean by "Respect the Food"

Fernanda L. says:


Kittipong Plengkham says:


zielonejabluszko says:

debil ze skosnymi oczami…

coffee-coffee says:

you call It pad thai lol


Thang Nguyen says:

He gave that food to his wife but she said NO , so he get up set 🙂

นายสุพจน์ ลีลาอภิวัฒน์ says:

น่าจะเปลี่ยนเป็นควาย(buffalo) chef มากกว่า การกระทำสถุนจริง ๆ น่าจะโปะหน้าตัวเองมากว่า ดูแล้วเสียสายตาและเวลา…

jack you says:

fuck him. clean that shit yourself, bitch.

親愛 says:

Why So Hurry?

Tan8200 says:


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