Chai and the band. Good Times
Thai people like music both listening and playing. This video performance is one of the amateur bands, yet so so good and enjoyable. Currently the people in Thailand is in mourning of former king, Phumiphon [More]
Really Good Band covers It’s My Life from Bon Jovi @ Coco Blues Bar Koh Samui Thailand.
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Die Band in action. Gefilmt von
Schweinshaxn Blues is a new song of edgar murray,edgar is based in koh .samui
Blues Music… A psychedelic blues and soul jam with guitars, vocals, harmonica and keyboard. A completely spontaneous jam, which led to a few mistakes… But we like the vibe so we decided to post it. [More]
the blues guitarist from south east asia ” thailand” no band no friend no backing track alone with his guitar……….only
A secret hit in Pattaya/Thailand. Please read discription in: DETT`L: AMAZING THAILAND