SUAB HMONG TRAVEL: Eating at a type of Thai buffet in Bangkok, Thailand

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jimmy vue says:

kuv xav mus tour Thailand tiam sis tsis paub mus ua si, zoo li nej tus tour no txawj lub mika zoo heev li. yog tsis tab kaum koj no thov muab nws information rau kuv es thiaj li tau siv nws coj ncig Thailand thiab os npawg Richard. kuv email yog

Davis Vang says:

oh tij laug ua li cas neb mus tham tau tus hluas nkauj thaib zoo nkauj ua luaj li ne.

Asiane Yang says:

Neb tus tour guide nong nat nov puas tau ua haujlwm rau wat thamkrabok dua li os? she looks a lot like one of the thai girl that used to work there. just wondering. we have lost touch.

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