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Happy new year; This is a chill music livestream perfect for gaming, studying or just having some background music, enjoy your stay! shirts :

– If you wish to support the stream you can do so at this link:

– Rules
No hate towards anyone in the chat
No excessive / sexual roleplaying
No racism
No sexism
No spamming
No trolling
No self-promotion
Try not to excessively use caps
Try not to start drama or arguments
(Just because some people ask, people with blue names are mods and they try to keep the chat chilled out and within the rules, Yellow name is the owner of the stream, Mixhound)

– Top Donators (thank you so much to everyone who donates)
Avery Wilson – $300
Indestructoyed – $150
0littlearsonist0 – $100
Jack Conway – $50
kimo vegas – $50
Jex Mask Reacts – $50
Terrence – $50
Kusshi – $50
Kess x – $40
Flatline Jack – $35
Madison – $35
Chrizzy – $30
Charles – $30
m – $30
LeCat – $25
Tidzwiggle – $20
Danzzoo – $20
MGDConsumer – $20
Jesper Hermansson – $20

– If you experience lag while live, try dragging the red bar on the video back a few seconds and it should run smoothly

– If the stream ever goes down, don’t worry it will always come back eventually, just under a new URL

Artwork provided by Unsplash artists:

Chillstep / Melodic Dubstep / Relaxing Music / Chill Mix / Chill Music / Study Music / Gaming Music / Background Music / Lofi / Mixhound Livestream / Live stream music

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