Street Life of Pattaya, Thailand 9/16/17

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Some different street scenes around the city of Pattaya, Thailand. Thanks to Benihana for cooking up some liver and onions on the street and serving it to me for free. Also I discuss the new alcohol taxes.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

Desert Eagle says:

Obeziyni ebanie! :-)…

G vL says:

The noise is unbearable

Tim Blackburn says:

Anyone else rooting for Cheap Charlie to finally get laid? LOL it's cringe to watch him always approach women from behind with the camera in such a creepy way. I wish he would put the camera down and try and have a real conversation. Or get enough money to take home a bar girl at least. Cmon Cheap Charlie, we're rooting for you bro!

רפי א says:

thanks for the interesting video

40ozofstress says:

How do you know if some of those women are transgender or not???💁

Steve Nessman says:

Just about the worst Thai videos I have ever watched. Nothing informative, nothing entertaining …just shite

Baumann Hans-Jörg says:

The time for Americans in Pattaya is long gone, I think

Mission Creek Style says:

Hi Chas, I shot and edited some stuff together in BKK for web video before there was a YouTube, early 2000s. We uploaded to this thing called SingleReel.

Much in the same style as your videos before the term vlog was invented. Maybe your subscribers might like to see stuff shot in BKK more than 15 years ago.

I did a bunch of stuff in Japan in the early 2000s too.

gareth isaac says:

like a Soi dog begging at a food cart

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