Street Life and Night Life of Pattaya, Thailand — 8/7/2017

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A montage of the beautiful and vibrant city of Pattaya, Thailand. So much to see and do here every day. I don’t spend any money because I am broke but I still manage to have a lot of fun here and enjoy myself. Imagine what you could do on holiday here.


Dik Tracy says:

Hey Charlie..

What was the name of that coffee shop with that view? Thank u

Jammy Error says:

why didnt u take selfie with them girls

Calvin C says:

Eat enough garlic and eat less sugary foods and mosquitoes will lay off you

TheArchitect69 says:

Are you same guy from Lifeinthailand?

MilesDei says:

That said 50,000 ThB not 500,000. Just thought you'd like to know!. ;P

Cory williams says:

Love your videos man. Keep making more!

Lockbar says:

Rubbing alcohol has always helped me with mosquito bites. Plus, at least this time no girls called you a lizard.

N Ly says:

One year jailed or a 500,000 baht fine.. It's illegal to post a selfie with alcohol on social media there?
I'm a subscriber and I don't skip adds, hopefully that will help a little lol

The Project Diamond says:

"""" SUPERSTAR CHARLIE """""""" 🙂

Claudia Erkeloing says:

Always been welcome from the kindness from Thai people!!

7rucus11 says:

After living in Thailand a few years I developed a resistance to mosquito bites. Garlic is a wonderful food enhancement regardless of its unproven beneficial properties.

Bill Kay says:

do you have video on where you train (gym) for free? where is it.

David Allen says:

"a montage of the 'beautiful' and viabrant city of Patatya…" 555 did I blink?

bishomon says:

Are you considering or in the process of learning Thai? You've seen the access and interaction that Harald Baldr has with the Thais. Imagine how much further you could go. Just a suggestion. Keep it up man, I enjoy your vids.

do man says:

what's the name of the coffee shop?

Geoffrey W says:

Good looking woman at 03:30, I think you scared her.

nick vedadi says:

is Pattaya parts of Bangkok ?

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