Street Food of Bangkok — $1 Pad Thai Noodle Master

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I found this amazing Pad Thai chef in the Lat Phrao district at a night market cooking right on the street. What was interesting is that he is able to cook up large volumes of Pad Thai with a giant wok, probably the biggest I’ve ever seen. This film encompasses 12 minutes with no cutting, look at his skills and in that span of time he made enough food to feed 10 different people. He is out there many hours every day cooking over the hot wok, serving up Pad Thai noodles to hungry Thais.

I am impressed by his skill and technique, no measuring the ingredients, he knows just how much of each ingredient to throw in.

A plate of pad thai costs only $1 here, typical of street food prices in Bangkok. The dish itself is an explosion of different flavors due to the variety of ingredients.

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Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

Shaun MacMillan says:

Lol I have one of these flipping utensils at home.?….passed on but I kept it…….?have never used it as I saw no use…….now I do. Amazing

Josh Cruz says:

Can u just imagine how many toxins your eating when all those cars and trucks blowing exhaust smoke right at the food.
To close to the street for me.

Elison Naro says:

Too much oil… he puts it over and over again..

serratop says:

Noodle masters do not woek on the street

Gleison gleison says:


Monique Alexandre says:

Fry noodles?

jhgjhgj hgjhgdj says:

One side of the egg is cooking but the other is not. He doesnt cook both sides of the egg

Anne Corey says:

Very good food nice place for food and lots of good food love this place very good healthy food thank you for sharing very good video thanks .

EriYaNa RoSe says:


lightube12 says:

yeah so fresh that i just saw a truck passed by the exhaust pipe spray directly toward the cooking wok…. now i know where the smokie flavor comes from .

Paul Mcguire says:

I was already thinking of moving there, I need to crunch the numbers and find out if this will work on my budget.

Muhammad Hamimi says:


Token_ Earned says:

He’s being cheap with the oil Lol.

Mehdi Sisakhtfard says:

Very good 😘

Miss Kiwi says:

Lets get a lil bit of carbon monoxide in there to mmmmm so ethnic!

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