Street Food in Bangkok – Awesome PAD THAI and Instant Noodles on Petchaburi Soi 5!

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Petchaburi Soi 5 is one of the best Bangkok street food streets!
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Petchaburi Soi 5 (เพชรบุรี ซอย 5) has long been one of my go-to street food streets in Bangkok. Starting in the evening at around 4 pm, the entire road starts to fill with street food carts selling all sorts of Thai dishes. You’ll find everything from rice and curry to soup noodles, snacks, and fresh fruits and vegetables. It had been a few years since I had explore Petchaburi Soi 5 (เพชรบุรี ซอย 5), so in this Thai street food tour I’m taking you with me to some of my old favorites, and some new spots. Enjoy!

Yam mama (ยำมาม่า) – 50 THB ($1.52) – This is the first dish I tried. MAMA are Thai instant noodles and this is a completely different way to eat them – in mixed salad form.

Khanom krok (ขนมครก) – 30 THB ($0.92) – Coconut griddle cakes are one of my favorites, they are crunchy on the outside and gooey in the center. Don’t miss this Thai street food snack.

Cha yen (ชาเย็น) – 25 THB ($0.76) per cup – Thai tea

Pad thai (ผัดไทย), Hoy tod (หอยทอด) – This was formerly a street food cart that now has their own permanent shophouse location. They make pretty decent Pad Thai and they hoy tod, which in this case in a mussels omelet, is pretty good as well.
Total price – 125 THB ($3.81)

Nam prik pla too (น้ำพริกปลาทู) – For something a little healthier, I’m a huge fan of nam pirk pla too, a pounded chili mackerel sauce that’s eaten with vegetables.
Total price – 70 THB ($2.14) for everything

Chao guay (เฉาก๋วย) – 25 THB ($0.76) – For dessert, I had grass jelly with ice. The owner was so friendly and happy.

Haircut – 100 THB ($3.05)

Pad kra prao moo krob kai dao (ผัดกระเพราหมูกรอบไข่ดาว) – Final meal of this Bangkok street food tour, I headed across the street to Petchaburi Soi 10 to seek out one of my old time favorites. The stall was still there, and they make a pretty good plate of Thai crispy pork belly fried with basil.
Price – 40 THB ($1.22)

Thank you for joining me on this Thai street food tour of Petchaburi Soi 5 (เพชรบุรี ซอย 5). It’s the type of street you can walk through and just choose whatever you like to eat.

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Now I’m in love with Thai food 🥘 & your Channel

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