Stir Fry Chicken Noodles 鸡肉炒面 | The Dumpling Sisters

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The wonderful Dumpling Sisters have a mouth-wateringly good chicken fried noodle recipe for you FoodTubers!
Succulent chicken pieces cooked in a soy sauce, ginger and garlic gravy and stir fried with fresh crunchy vegetables and soft egg noodles. Delicious!
The Dumpling Sisters have their own channel with loads more Asian dishes for you to try:
Get the recipe here:
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deff muzic says:


fox_in _xxs_clothes says:

1tsp.. throws in like 4 – 5tsp XD

Lewis Hughes says:

Pair of sexy Asian girls 😍😍😍😍🤤

Random Retard says:

This is exactly the same noodles they serve at the Asian restaurant

Suraj king paradise says:

very nice keep it up

s23 says:

My mom doesn't like chicken but after I cook this, she only eats this version. It's really juicy, not dry at all. My family keeps asking me cook this. I wish dumpling sisters keeps posting. Did they quit YouTube? I am following their channel too but no update for a long time.

Michael Serato says:

They sound like they're pretending to sound british.

ang zarne says:

Literally the best stir fry noodles I have ever made. I made this the first time three years ago, my boyfriend still asks for it today.

elluc1510 says:

How many minutes you have to soak the noodles in boil water ?? Good tip

CursesTremble says:

you didnt cover the chicken after she mixed it… even though you said "COVER"… >:(

dodododoge doge says:


DR360WHO says:

Delicious looking ladies, the food looks great too, must give this a try, thanks for a great vid

The Realist 21 Blogger says:

One of my favorite spaghetti recipes

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