stir fried instant noodle มาม่าผัด Ma ma pad Pai Thailand

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Actually “MaMa” is a commercial brand name of a biggest instant noodle in Thailand and the name became so popular that now interchangeable with the “instant noodle” in Thai.

Most Thai stir fry it with an egg,then added some meat usually pork or chicken and lastly some vegetable .serves hotly

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Tehari Patene says:

Well who would have guessed they're a ordinary packet of noodles from Woolies or Coles Australia/NZ I thought they were made in the takeaway or restaurant the noodles easy peasy people….I feel ripped off

Carlos Victor says:

Fuck the sound

erik Tapia says:

boy i have been eating my wrong all dis time ahahaha

Tony says:

Boring as hell, and I lived in Thailand for 3 years. At least you got the point across.

chris ostle says:

Love Thai street food.

Henry Tudor says:

Cheap noodles like Kolka noodles

916nando says:

This damn guitar made depressed

Ryan Butyter says:

Worst video ever

jake niemiec says:

I swear if I went to a restaurant and they gave me package ramen I'd be pissed

Tuk Tuk Jamon says:

I agreed too. Remove the guitar. 😜

Dewdaahman says:

ramen noodles, no nutritional value..

Андрей Горелов says:

Без майонеза не шарман

ferg span says:

Instant gor Gai

Nicoletta Ciccone says:

Good idea, I will not use the meat but I like everything.

Cliff J says:

This is actually a video about a guitar song that soothes the soul


what are the ingredients?

Ecks Dee says:

I came here for the guitar sound.


Erik Muhammad says:

Crunchy noodle lol

pladder badder says:

skip the music next time.

Jean-loup Richard says:

putain de merde, cest une bonne idee sa ! je ferai que sa maintenant. good job !!!! #bouffeaddiction

Seth Maskovich says:

what's next? fried water?

Sicarius Peremo says:

Anyone knows the melody / soundtrack?

brogo ram says:

These peoples love being critics so much. Some of them acting like all other culture ways of cooking are bad. Try to understand there are so many methods of human's taste okay. If u dont like it, dont eat it, dont even watch… there are peoples that loves it. Rather than showing how wise your food knowledge are in youtube comment section..

Antonius vd Klis says:

Noodles from a supermarket? Get lost here..!

Kyle Dave says:

I didn't know that you can fry an "INSTANT NOODLES" !!
Just sharing my thoughts:)

ChevyHeavy11 says:

might taste good-but ill pass

Fair dinkum says:

I can stare at 2 min noodles at home anytime….

Thao Family says:

I watched a 4 minute video wanting to learn how to make fried noodles, didn't learn a damn thing

PaulD says:

I give this shit video a beautiful thumb DOWN

Ahmed Awami says:

very Asian like sniaty, authentic

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