Steamed Layer Cake (Thai Dessert) – Khanom Chun ขนมชั้น

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Steamed Layer Cake (Thai Dessert) – Khanom Chun ขนมชั้น

This menu is one of the ancient Thai Desserts. It is an auspicious Thai dessert with good meaning name which means promoting and always be used in auspicious ceremonies. Khanom Chan must be soft, easy to peel off and smell nice from coconut milk.


zel rand says:

amazing all your work is great thanks <3

Rosmawati MayMay says:

Do you use hot coconut milk?

Nang Linn Houm says:

you used normal rice flour or glutinous rice flour?

Farhana Muhammed says:

aww :'(

Mai yang Xiong says:

Do we need to add jasmine flavor or we don't need to ?

Marineth Pich says:

That's nice. Thanks for sharing:)

garry heath says:

So the first layer cooks for …………….HOW LONG??

Danial Dunn says:

I made this recipe…Just delicious…My daughter just loves it!…Thanks for sharing this recipe…

Niwast Brekness says:

Yummy! W R Tv Thank you

Niwast Brekness says:

Looking so good yummy 👍👍👍👍😀

Niwast Brekness says:

Every good yummy 👍

Mas Merah says:


Sowmya Rajesh says:

can we replace tapioca flour with any other flour??? we don't get that flour at our place

cuteka arika says:


Dream high says:

I tried this recipe and my family love it. I couldn't believe how easy it was to make it. Thank you so much for sharing.

Kisskiss6139 says:

US measurements please ?!

Kai Kai says:


A Xay says:

One of my favorite Thai sweet. Thx for sharing

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