Star Residences – Hotel in Pattaya With Girls & Restaurant

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This is the Star Residency Hotel located on Soi 13/1, also known as Soi Yamato. It is next to Starbucks Cafe in Pattaya Thailand not far from Beach Road. Many of the rooms have a view of the beach which is very nice. The price is 1,000 baht but can be booked more cheaply online at Agoda, link below in the comments section.


krishna arora says:

People waste their time writing stupid and shitty comments about girls, instead we should appreciate their effort making this small hotel looks hot favourite for food quality and short stay. They have come a long way from their country, leaving behind their dear ones just to serve you morons. Who doesn't wanna make money huh?? Way to go Miss Philippines and your staff.
PS* If we cant appreciate someone lets not bitch and talk bad too. (RESPECT)

Deepak Yadav says:

Indian song

Songmi Lee says:

pinay girl is so hot and nice 🙂

Janak Patel says:

hello friend this hotel is guest free

Janak Patel says:

This hotel in guest free hotel

Saurabh Vishwasrao says:

I had dinner at this place. Good quality food. Manager (Philippine) takes care of your food order.

Alex P says:

The rooms, many already share theIr views and i don't blame them it over price and that not a view I will pay that price. IT NOT A VIEW. MORE A PEEK TO ME BUT FOR 1000 B IT NONSENSE. Most Indian places there over price they menu to keep locals out. Locals will go find cheaper or real price they deserve paying. Here in NY they use to the same tactic but now it dying out since the food cart is taking over. Once i was in a Indian Food joint there. My gf is Thai who enter before me i was finish off my smoke. The man tell her we bit crowded she can use across the street. It only had 3 couple among 11 tables. I keep off these places because they not there to serve the public in general. Then again we been lied to that spicy food is good. That is total bs. Hot spice damage your chi (energy), then you will need stiff drink after a while using it to go with your gf. You can see most people into spicy food is heavy drinker because they have no energy left after the food is digested. Read up on the things you eat an stay in good health guys. Don't let a 1000 yrs lies (spicy is good) kill you before it time. Peace out world ..

reeyoo haj says:

one 1000 b for this room its not cheap / there is many hotels in pattaya more nice and more cheap

gordy mc says:

female at the start was stunning,

My Spot says:

_ Is This Hotel A Guest Free Hotel _


Rodney Gaul says:

i love these style of videos 🙂
although i doubt i would stay at this one

FoneArc says:

Damn that Filipina is cute.

alex conjuror says:

I like these videos, really useful to see the inside of these places.If any guest house owners see that you are getting 18,000 views they will be flocking to your door, to get that sort of exposure would cost plenty big money methinks.

of course you are says:

Bollywood celebrity Vidya balan attractive  and some hot looks and dress up

My Spot says:

# Is This Hotel A Guest Free Hotel ? ? ?

Hank Moody says:

That hotel manager would make a beautiful mother. You should try an smash

castortroy365 says:

Get your ass to Angeles city CC. Filipinas are lovely.

ka 1991 says:

What do you mean by a hotel with girls ?

King's says:

Had been to this restaurant several times last year 2016. The girl from manila is very friendly. Those who love Indian food, you must try the food here, its good, the meal portions are quite large and heavy.

darren millar says:

forget that find me another.for 21 days

darren millar says:

whats website for this hotel

Darrell Graves says:

Here's some constructive criticism for you. First, give honest reviews. The only thing good about the room was the view. If you are that close to the beach, then leave your room and go there. Why pay $1000 baht for a room so small the bed barely fits in it. Second, speak proper English. If you are speaking to someone who speaks broken English, then it is understandable. However, these two women were speaking proper English and here you are sounding like a caveman. "You wifi", seriously?

ingrid Aneta says:

Hi Charlie… thanks for your vids…could you go for me to soi 13/2…have a look to a bar colled PUMP STATION 1 and 2…and show who is the mama san…and again just close the bar…the MAX HOTEL…ask to show you rooms and check prices…? also…cross the street and have a look to the FRENCH RIVIERA restaurant… i love these places … thank you so much…kisses

Brummie Brink says:

great video cheap charlie, looks very good the hotel

s says:

Philiphinas can speak English, no need to use the broken thai english

JP Davis says:

Pinays tend to be sweet and humanistic. Thai babes super sexy but hard wired, may not even give a farang who has been good to them but goes broke even a bottle of water.

JP Davis says:

Room had bad vibe, dingy curtains, looked like a dungeon.

FreeSudani says:

i wont take this room , i was staying in far way better rooms for less prices

gopal samy says:

can i bring girlfriend here?

Tiquila man says:

I don’t like hotels with no lift ( elevator) and no key cards plus I know for sure with these rusty doors you won’t have any good sleep at night since late night when drunk guests return home you can hear every step they take and even their whispers٫ lool CCC can you please show us a few hotels with lap pools and up to 2000 baht a night for December ? After all not every viewer likes to watch only beat up hotels and cheap stuff even though your vlog is about cheap stuff…. Thank you and look forward to seeing you two (Sean) on the ferry to Hua Hin

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