Spicy Larb Moo – Thai Cooking

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Pie is cooking Larb Moo which, if you like things spicy, is a great dish. On that note you don’t have to put chilies in this dish but a Thai will tell you it’s not the same if it’s not spicy.

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Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow says:


John .Mitch says:

Pomchurot, mieow kap, pom mie chorp

ThomasNSherrod says:

Pie does it again! aroy mak love spicy

Wally Campbell says:

Love your cooking Pie, Graham and Pie love your show, and thats why your subscribers keep rising, Stay on course my friends , cheers.

Doug Thai says:

I love larb. As a change you can use chopped chicken and sub dry chili with fresh chopped chili. Love it in a leaf lettuce wrap.

Jay H says:

One of your best videos. If you could add a quick ingredients list, that would be almost perfect

hypnotechno says:

Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out!

Hammer One says:

Too good pie nice food

jonygunnar says:

Great dish, I prefer a bit more chilli myself, gotten used to the amount of spices used here in Isaan. Nice vlog as usual 😀.

Russell Brain says:

thanks for the cooking demo Pie . Go easy on the Chili though .

Jay Jay says:

Spicy? More for Pie and Fam.

Craig Moss says:

Great vlog Pie and food looked delicious, get rid of that small bloke and start doing vlogs yourself ,just joking ,good to see the cooking back ,have a great day

Andi Artukovich says:

Even though I couldn't eat it, I really enjoyed watching Pie make it. I thought anything with "Moo" in it had a purple sauce……guess not 🙂

Jack Hill says:

Noi and I both loved your larb moo recipe…and would be both there eating it with you. We both love larb pladuk (Thai catfish)…and very spicy too. Thank you Pie for sharing. 🙂

Simon Churchley says:

Looked lovely one of my favourites. Looked spicy enough!! One of very few dishes using mint in Thailand?

Wayne Leader says:

Was wondering when pie would do cooking vlog great stuff

Tom Carter says:


Anonymous says:

Sorry not a meat eater but thumbs up for Pie , well done, awesome vlog. You do know the only reason why we watch Graham & Pie is because of Pie 🙂

laurie rudham says:

Love Pie's cooking. Not sure about intestines .

Kjell Söderlund says:

I must say, Pie. U are a lovley lady. So nice and kind and funny. U have a big heart. I love when u do u cooking vlogs. More please 555.
Take care and stay strong. Don't let the idiots get to u. U will always have more friends then them anyway. And get Graham to work more 555.
Love from sweden

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