SPICY as HELL Thai Papaya Salad feat. VRZO Pleum

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Special Thanks to VRZO Pleum for helping us with this video:

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How to get there:
Come out of Seacon Square Shopping Mall and walk south to the start of Sanam Golf Alley. You’ll see at the road entrance the first Talad Rod Fai sign. Turn left and follow the road down and you can’t miss it!

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kdv lover says:

1:44 he be like “ omg “

paul Chanel says:


Petrichor Ikr says:

Jason's song just described all Xander's suffer!! xD

error after dark says:

Baaw phet baw saap.

Gotsvxn Mochi says:

Damn i love sum tam, it may be spicy but my family eats it on festivals and its damn good

Eden Phin says:

He said "what is that?" He was not ready for the fermented fish 😂

Britney Thomas says:

The guy laughing is me when my friends try to eat spicy chips

Randy D. Rosario says:

Pleum with that laugh …

Lizzay says:

Mmmmmmm my mouth is watering!! 😜😍😍😍

Way2muchreality says:

Must tell mike chen

Hazel Lee says:

I love papaya salad! If it's not spicy it's not good!

classical7 says:

Making my mouth water!! I want some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run The Atlas says:

1:44 best reaction EVER

Keulisi__ says:

Is it bad to laugh at them while watching them suffer? I mean, I started eating it when I was 6 😂.

airbonyo says:

that is thai chili pepper characteristic. fist you feel nothing then it start to burn your mouth later :v

Senn says:

Papaya salad is the best! ❤️ most people might not like it due to the fishy smell but idk I always have a craving for it 😅

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