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How many Thai desserts have you tried? In this video, I show you the amazing world of Thai desserts beyond mango and sticky rice! Join me at a weekend market in Bangkok and let’s explore the fantastic world of Thai sweets!

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Ghina Roudha says:

So yummy Thai food

Lucky Lucky says:

I like roti sai mai and khanom la and khanom man

[AIR] Anselmo L. Aventurado III says:

Hi ganda, in Cebu Philippines we have sticky rice called puto Maya with ripe mango and hot chocolate..

Lucas of Mars says:

once I tried that coconut custard in a small market the I got diarrhea for 3 days straights. never look at that dessert again

Grumpy Cat says:

Hello Pai! Was your family and you okay during the 2004 tsunami?

livingsouljourney says:

I hope you drank a lot of water after all those sweets. Great video…you activated my sweet tooth here in Brooklyn NY. Will try making the sticky rice with banana to go with dinner tonight—–peace and love lsj

silkfan says:

Oh my goodness ! Your video reminded of home in Thailand. My family live like two streets down from Summakorn market:)

ddsgds3 says:

I really enjoy your video

แดนนี่ ดั้มส้ says:

The sweet sticky rice with egg custard is my all time favorite sweets,the first time i did eat that dessert is 30 years ago in Korat.from that time on i eat that dessert 2 our 3 times a month.อร่อยสุดยอด 😜😜😜😜

sonam Bhutia says:

Hey! could you please make a video on how to make Kanom krok? A big fan though!

Thanuja M says:

So many plastic bags 😂

Lewis Julien says:

We have something very similar to your sugar "burrito" in Vietnam as well. Instead of the pulled sugar threads, we have these sugar wafers; people tend to also add shredded coconut and toasted black sesame seeds as well before rolling the whole thing up. It's a shame I no longer see this being sold anymore.

Dirk says:

aaaah, brings back memories 😊.
It's very interesting to hear how the pitch of your voice changes when you switch to thai language.
Btw., your show is fantastic (and my lovely thai friend Nong likes it too)

Jerry Permana says:

In Indonesia, we called that shredded sugar thing as "rambut nenek", which it means Grandma's Hair. We usually find the seller near the elementary school.

Yarii Uchiha says:

I'm Mexican, and we can not even imagine "sweet beans" Most are not familiarized with Asian culture so sweet beans are not even something we think possible haha, that is how passionate we are about savory beans.

Pablo Hernandez says:

I love your vids,I'm Mexican and it's weird to me too that you use beans in desserts only,lol!!!

Somnit Souvannasone says:

can you make kanum sai sai?

youkong taing says:

I subscribed and enjoy your VDO so much.Just wonder how do you call ขนมไทย ชนิดหนี่ง made from sticky rice flour wrap shredded caramelised sweetened coconut the size of quail egg ,round ball shape and cover all over by shredded young coconut.They sometimes made in various colours and the flour part is not sweet only sweet from inside part. Thanks.

Uli Chapa says:

I've come to your channel a little late. I wonder if you have done a black bean tapioca desert already? If not, may I request it? Cheers!

Hương Mija says:

making me craving for sweet coconutty things at 12pm 🙂 oh my :'( I'm from Vietnam, where our food have a similarity to Thai's, and also has quite lots of Thai's food too. But now I'm in Australia, recently I've been missing the food, and now seeing this makes me want them MOREEEEEEEEEE :'(

Kristina Thompson says:

Can you make sakoo sai moo please! Love your videos!

AlteroFit says:

I am a huge fan of salapao (meat and sweet versions). I used to love kanom krok but now the love has gone lol. And I still love those sesame balls… So good! Actually I find most of Thai desserts too sweet. But I like morning food as pa thon ko and other. Especially with sankaya… Damn! I have to wake up tomorrow early to grab some of these! 😉 btw nice chanel you got! Subscribed! Cheers from Phuket!

SuperBookiecookie says:

we have the pulled sugar in india!! its called sonpapdi and its usually made to look like cubes

Aloha Aloha says:

That green dessert is it made from cassava???

Matruprasad Patra says:

In India the pulled stringy sugar is called SON PAPDI. We eat it on its own. It's my favourite dessert 🍨.

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