South Vietnam: Pacification, New Port: Thai Soldiers arrive

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(22 Sep 1967) All stories mute
South Vietnam: Pacification (Mekong Delta: Flying Dragon)
Recall: 1Q98U2
B/W mute – 60 feet/1:40
Dupe neg
Various shots filmed from a Bell Huey helicopter in flight showing other US Army Huey helicopters flying over rice-growing countryside, the shots framed by the door gunner’s M-560 light machine-gun, and South Vietnamese soldiers being dropped off at a Landing Zone (LZ).
Various shots of children and mothers with babies, who seem more curious than afraid, and three South Vietnamese soldiers bringing in a Viet Cong (VC) suspect whose arms have been tied behind his back.
Various shots of the VC suspect, along with several others, sitting on the ground, a US Army forward air controller (armed with an M-16 rifle) speaking into his radio set to call in a helicopter for the prisoners (damage to the film at this point), a US Army Bell Huey helicopter coming into land, the prisoners being put on board the helicopter and the helicopter flying low overhead.
Storyline: Soldiers of the 9th South Vietnamese Army Division, trained and equipped by the Americans, take part in a heliborne ‘search and destroy’ mission against the Viet Cong in the Mekong Delta.
South Vietnam: Pacification
South Vietnam
Recall: 1Q98U2
B/W mute – 52 feet/1.25
Dupe neg
A shot showing a joint US Marine Corps and Vietnamese Regional Forces militia patrol outside a US Marine Corps base in I Corps’ zone of operations.
Various shots showing Vietnamese women washing their clothes by a river, three US Marines on rural pacification duty visiting a Vietnamese village market, greeting a Vietnamese child (who is not overwhelmed by their kindness.
Scenes inside a village clinic for mothers and children where a US Marine medic and local nurses help treat children with minor complaints.
Various shots showing US Marines diving from abridge into a river and swimming with some Vietnamese children.
Storyline: In its theatre of operations in the provinces south of the Demilitarised Zone, the US Marine Corps eschews the US Army’s reliance on the unrestricted use of its massive fire-power in the rural areas and its ‘search-and-destroy’ strategy with a sophisticated ‘hearts-and-minds’ programme designed to weaken Viet Cong support among the Vietnamese population.
S. Vietnam: New Port: Thai Soldiers arrive
Recall: 1Q808U2
B/W mute – 68 feet/1:39
1 roll – Dupe neg
Various shots of an US attack transport, USS Navarro, coming into dock in New Port Army Terminal in Saigon’s port area carrying the Royal Thai Army Volunteer Regiment to fight in South Vietnam and the Thai soldiers lining the ship’s railings as it nears the quayside, a young Vietnamese woman posing for the camera with a floral garland or lei.
Various shots of the Thai commanding officer coming down a gangway and being greeted by General William Westmoreland, commander of all US ground forces in Vietnam and senior US and South Vietnamese officers and being decorated with the floral garland.
Various shots of the Thai regiment’s colour party and carriers of their Buddhist shrine stepping ashore followed by the rest of the Thai soldiers shouldering kit bags and armed with M-1 carbines and M-16 automatic rifles. Various shots showing Thai soldiers climbing into the back of big US military lorries, the colour party still holding onto thieir regimental (?) banners.
Storyline: The first Thai combat troops sent to South Vietnam to fight alongside the Americans and their other allies arrive at Saigon.

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