SONGKRAN 2018 PATTAYA April 12 to 19 Soi Buakhao + LK Metro 4K สงกรานต์ พัทยา

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SONGKRAN 2018 PATTAYA April 12 to 19 Soi Buakhao + LK Metro 4K สงกรานต์ พัทยา 2018
In this 4K video, shot with a sony RX100V, I filmed the real songkran atmosphere of the water festival in Thailand, without adding any of dub or techno music.
It was not easy to film. My sony camera didn’t had a plastic protective case and wasn’t waterproof. But i carried it in a camera bag that i placed in a plastic bag. However everytime I pulled out the sony it was exposed to sudden water damage. 🙂
สงกรานต์ 2561

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Cameras: SJcam 5000+ elite
Sony RX100 V
Zoom H1 dig. audio recorder.
cyberlink power director 14+15

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Rüga says:

2018 Songkran ? Sure because 2 of bars you show in film are no longer there. Maybe you mean 2017 ?

Phillip Scholey says:

Great video Steff, Gutted i am only going to get to experience the 19th!

Savvy says:

I will drink to that !

Wail fmh11 says:


สาวกล้วยไข่ แดนสะตอ says:


sankalp chhabra says:

nice video brother and enjoyed watching you having that delicious burgger take care

GooseHunter says:

hahaha nice and wet but looks like fun,… guess you stayed away this year Steff lol, but its a nice video always fun to watch, stay dry Steff hahaha Cheers Man,

Terry Fisher says:

If you to save yourself £3000, instead of going to Thailand, get up in the morning and go and sit in the bath with your clothes on until you go to bed at night. Repeat for 10 days. That's exactly what it's like, lol.

Baz W says:

Good vid, enjoyed watching with a smile on my face

David Manley says:

Nice video one Steff. Back in UK now one week and happy to miss Songkran this trip.

Travel king says:

Super video Steff. Really good quality and eventhough I have never (yet) been to Pattaya for Songkran the video is wetting my appetite for next year, Keep it up Thanks

Dominick Depraetere says:

Voetbalster Carlos valderrama was er ook bij ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Johnnie Black says:

This is fun for about a few hours but after your phone is wrecked by water and all your thai baht is wet and somebody puts talcum powder in your eyes it's a bit much.

Dervin DX says:

8:22 Steff 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 you so funny !!!!! hahhaha

castortroy365 says:

Must be like attending the biggest wet t-shirt competition in the world 😊

marcey38 says:

Are you in Pattaya again? When did you arrive ? Have fun Stef

jeffincabo says:

Steff, is there any way to stay dry during this holiday ? Other than staying in your room for a week ? LOL

Pattaya Pariah says:

Awesome picture clarity and perfectly edited. Captures Songkran perfectly.

แดนนี่ ดั้มส้ says:

Another great video 👍🏻
Happy Songkran

John Davis says:

This festival was once a respected peaceful tradition practised for hundreds of years. Now it is just a disgusting drunken moralless spectacle.And attended by western lowlifes

Darren Jacob says:

When was this video shot? Was it this year?

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