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The place where we stayed
Fun4Emily in Thailand youtube channel.
My name is Rene, I am a German man, my girlfriend Tik is Thai and I live and work in amazing Thailand since 10 years. We have 3 amazing children, Alex, cute girl Emily and our new little Son Benjamin. You will find Fun Family and Travel in Thailand in our channel. We like to show you Thailand in a different way. A family way, travel together, have fun together, eat amazing thai food and enjoy life. Sometimes we also do a funny challenge. Ultimate Fun
We show you the real life in Thailand as a family. How to live in Thailand as a family. How to enjoy your holiday in Thailand. How to travel as a family. How to travel with kids.
Not only bars and sexy Thai ladies.
We will show you minimum 1 time a week how our life is here in Thailand. We travel many times and will show you places like Bangkok, Sukhumvit, Krabi, Ao Nang, Koh Lipe, Isaan, Buriram, Phuket, many more. During travel we do daily vlogs.
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SONGKRAN 2017 AT PATONG BEACH PHUKET – Thailand Vlog – Vlog 138
My Equipment:
GoPro HERO4 Black
Canon EOS 700D
Sony DSC-RX100 III
GoPro HERO3+ Black
Iphone 6
Parrot Bebop Drone
Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE
Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear 360
HERO5 Session

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Berti Radisch says:

Holy shit! I will think it over again to travel to Thailand. So much action. And I didn't see 1 policeman over the whole movie. How high is the risk to get into a brawl on such celebrations?

sham7usa1 says:

Im doing Songkran this year YAHOOOOO!!!!

Dashtseren Enkhbayar says:

I love Patong Beach 2017.01.03

vinylrockerz says:

Oh please song 14:45
And 15:35

I love those Thailand songs, I need more of them so I can add them to my playlist.
I was there in March, and a part of me never left Thailand.

Nature Films says:

Great festival! so much fun with the water! liked!
Thanks my friend greetings!

jojo gem says:

lots of lady boys…

da dre way says:

I wonder how much people had colds after this…looks fun though worth being sick after lol

Blobster Hop says:


Olly Lama says:

Yeah Soi Bangla during Songkran. I was there a couple times. But it is so crazy. I think some people overact. I mean shooting the water directly into the eyes is not very funny…

My Auckland says:

Great celebration! lots of fun liked!
Thanks my friend Happy weekend greetings!

zero gamers says:

OMFG , i have now arrived in Portugal from Thailand and that Party was just amazing !!! What a water party!1

S C says:

what camera you using ? very good quality

Reiniere Maghirang says:

my wife was born in Thailand too so I know this is a traditional fun for everyone n wow so amazing so how was the feeling when u were there(^_^)

Reiniere Maghirang says:

I just want to say to those people who press dislike well it suck to be u ok n they all hypocritical people who hate other people who is all Having a Blast of Fun «^_^».

Eddy Huang Studio says:

Nice! I experienced my first Songkran in 2017. I was in Bangkok 11-14 April (tuesday-friday). I filmed my videos with a Sony action cam

Lynne McIntosh says:

was there for this,good time had by all,thanks for sharing.

Janah says:

Terrible music , phuket need new djs…

Travels With Phillip says:

A big party! great event, so much fun! liked!
Thanks my friend Have a nice weekend! 🙂

robert ward says:

Seven days of partying, don't get to drunk, lol can't wait to come back to Phuket, greetings from London.


cool!! Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Easter!!!

Quinton TV says:

Bet you had a blast, thanks for sharing this.

Steff's Thailand Travel says:

wow. busy there. They start soon also in Phuket. Nice video rene! And i hope i will see you soon in Patts

DMLK CS says:

Cool! looks like so much fun! Does the water make you feel cooler? I would think with the heat, it has to feel great.
Nice vlog! 👍

Tokyo Drew says:

Awesome Songkran vlog Rene! Looks like so much fun…. Love the twerking @16:15…. Lol great vlogging

michael j says:

great vlog, they must be selling a lot of water pistols must be running out hahahahahahahahahah lol

Marion & Oliver says:

This is sooo cool in the bangla even more the Party than usual, we want to be at this Time in Thailand have already heart a lot of it!!!
have Fun Rene
greatings from Austria Oliver and Marion

Peter 11 says:

Hi Rene,
Hope all your camera gear is waterproof lol. Glad your having fun mate. Bangala rd rocking with people like it's night time. Stay safe and enjoy. Greetings from Sydney.

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