Soi Buakhow “P Plus Hotel” Pattaya, Thailand 1,300 Baht Per Night

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The other day I visited the newly opened P Plus Hotel. I’ve seen this place under construction much of the year and being that it has a great location near Soi Buakhow I wanted to see what the place was like. I found the rooms to be a bit small and the price quite high, but then again high season is coming to Pattaya and they may do quite well.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

Hema ravindra says:

Some hotels with girl what is the meaning of with girl ?

tenderbeef03 says:

guest friendly?

Ilyas koshani says:

Hi gentlemen, i have a question, i'm going to visit Thailand in july next year, but my question is should i book Hotel before or not? and where is the nice places in Thailand for young ppl to have fun? if i invite a guest ( Girl ) over night in my room, should i pay extra? thanks in advance

Relf Morris says:

have to put on life time band

Relf Morris says:

why do have to have a good look girl to show you around
why not a guyi

Jobber Bob. says:

This hotel is designed for the chinese masses in their bus loads expected in the future.

Basil Brush says:

Is they a joiner fee?

Nigel Foreman says:

I stay on Soi Excite, good location and pay 5,000 Baht / month. What area are you staying at for 3,800 Baht.

Vins Web says:

u can call yourself kin yao, kee nok. same same cheap charlie

Ricky Star says:

Hey man, please please please do a review on Katesiree House next time you're in Soi Buakhao?
need to know if this place is right to stay in when I come in February, thanks man! (hit me up so we can meet up?)

Ross S says:

All your videos are really good & informative for people…i personally never miss them…keep up the good work…planning to visit Thailand soon ♡

Crisun Hemligt says:

This was the answer i got when i message them and asked about joiner

Hi have a Question , is the hotel guest/girl friendly (can I bring bar girl to room)

answer i got was this

Dear Value Guest
joiner Policy are waive till 31st October 2017
after that 500 Baht / person / 1 time kha

*however we still required to keep joiner ID card at front office for reason of secure*

CanadAarrgghhhhhh! says:

this place is about as occupied as the hotel in "The Shining"

gareth isaac says:

not cheap , Sutus court has bigger rooms with pool for better prices , pop round and check it out

lcmr123 miller says:

just checked agoda and they are charging 1500bht a night! Go through hotel.

anfahrt says:

Nice hotel!
Do you know if it is girl friendly?

Saidakine says:

You pointed the camera at the air conditioning unit and called it Wi Fi.

FreeSudani says:

learn something other than "sabadi mai"

Roger Davis says:

Guest friendly and balcony view?

alex conjuror says:

This place looks as empty as The Shining.Was Jack Nicholson drinking at the bar? They should of halved the number of rooms and doubled their size.Looks at though it has been specifically built for big tour groups.

allyswan1968 says:

they charge a joiner fee for girl… didnt book lol

Crisun Hemligt says:

what was the loud sound when you was in the room . aircon ? or traffic outside ?

AlanT says:

Thank you buddy٫ I really appreciate it. The pool was the biggest turn off for me since me being a simmer for over thirty years and a small pool like that for my daily swim is a definite No No . Incase some day you came across a hotel with lap pool and no elevator I’ll go for it٫ lool that’s how much a pool is important to me.

ras124 says:

these developers crack me up, smaller rooms and charge more

James W says:

Pretty cool place , rooms a bit small on the price side, pretty sure business will pick up now that you got them out there.

ajaycan says:

Thank you for the update! Will give it a try

Big Fat Besty says:

You should have knocked on my door CCC I'd have made you a coffee!!

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