Soi Buakhao Pattaya Thailand completely walk along

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In this video you will see walk along soi Buakhao Pattaya Thailand from Central Pattaya road to South Pattaya road. Аnd you will see everything that is located in this soi and in the neighborhood

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Entertainment for every taste. Many beerbars gogo restaurants and massage parlors.
What’s going on Pattaya Thailand now
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Jason Owen says:


Sonny Jim says:

You take your life in hands walking down that soi but I love it!

John Birch says:

They were all Thai anyway . Zero hours contract now on all Cambodians

John Birch says:

How the hell can you say cambodian workers , they may well have been thai 🤔 ?

Brummie Brink says:

Great video, had lots of fun on Soi buakhao. Nice bars and good food but also very nice ladies.

malzeme çakır says:

I love this channel! But there are two things: You need a better camera. You need to make your videos NOT shaky, like videos of BKK 112 channel 🙂

fresaw1 says:

Thanks for the video and for pointing out all of the Sois. Headed to Pattaya for the first time in March and I am definitely saving this to my favorites. Much appreciated!

Саша пупкин says:

Отличная прогулка,спасибо:)

Carl Eveson says:

Loved the Vlog my friend, I feel in my Gut, Heart , and Head that i shall return very soon in the New Year, Current G.F will be far than impressed, but `Hey Hoe` .. One Life, Live It, and all that 😉 .. oh and how long has that construction, building work carried on for the Holiday Inn, My Life, that started in October `16, thought it would have been done and dusted by now , Anyways keep up the good Walks … 🙂

Margus Vaim says:

Hey TT, to be successful in Youtube you should seriously improve your equipment and editing skills. Shaky smartphone footage of nothing is not okay anymore. Go and get Gopro with some extras, learn about editing, add some music and personal comments. Basically- check out Bangkok112 channel, that's how it should be done. Good luck!

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