Soi 7 J.P. Inn Hotel Pattaya, Thailand — Very Cheap $15/Night

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I found this hotel near the entrance of Soi 7 and Second Road. The rooms range from 500 baht to 700 baht. The location is great but it is next to some very busy bars on Soi 7 which is another party street in Pattaya. If you like to party on Soi 7 and Soi 8 the logistics of this place are great.

I talked to the Indian guy as I was coming out and he did not like the hotel. He said it was noisy and the wifi and TV were not working at the moment. You may want to check the reviews on Agoda for this one.


Sodapop Curtis says:

Seems like it's picking up out there with high season in full swing now…did you happen to continue your walk down soi 7? If so you had to have seen 69ers bar there which is a damn good bar if you want to relax and play pool or catch a game or two without being bothered. I highly recommend it.

A RaysFan says:

There's a massage place on soi 7, Rissa Massage. The owner and gals there all have huge knockers….

Sl lk says:

i appreciate where you pointed the camera while walking up the stairs haha. if only she was bar-fineable

Del ., says:

I often got nausea and pucked when I stayed in most of the thailand hotels. I finally figured out it was the bug/insecticide the maid service spray's on the beds and around the room. I found it helps if I aired out the room as much as possible. Or stay in a hotel that doesn't use the bed bug insecticide

Haizat93 Yusof says:


Lockbar says:

Desk clerk is gorgeous, and lobby is nice, too bad the rest sucks.  I got a big LOL from the guy driving the motor cart with the super size umbrella. Too funny.

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:

wow, what a place

James W says:

The concierge lady is just how i like 'em. A girl Next door pretty. The Inn is a total loss but at least you got a straight up review from a guest. One up the best Soi's if u like noise. 😁

steve hansen says:

No such thing as good British food!

Gareth Harper says:

Im in flipper house on soi7 very good hotel

You Are Dead says:

I had a better time on Soi 7 than anywhere else. Food, massage, girls… Soi 6 is over-rated. In particular, the Olala Restaurant had the best Tom Kha Gai soup I've ever had. Also the Bondi Bar… if you can handle the steep bar-fine prices, WORTH IT. I almost booked a room at the Dolphin place for next year but then realized I'd never leave the street if I did!

llttf says:

When did you last eat at Pig and Whistle? Have not seen a good review on this place for a couple of years.

Phillip R says:

Agree be better rooms at that price still waiting for CC do 13/1-13/2 blogs and send his Mate Sean down Boyz town do a blog lol

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