Soi 7 Beach Road Pattaya Thailand

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Nightlife in Pattaya Thailand on the Beach road. a lot of sexy girls and ladyboys waiting for customers. Entertainment for every taste. Many beerbars gogo restaurants and massage parlors.

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alberto sobieski says:

What happened to Pattaya? That is high tourist period?
Seven years ago, you would have been accosted by 200
sex crazed girls while walking the length of soi 7.

andrew ealam says:

What a Boring Video that's 5 minutes of my Life Wasted

danny collingwood says:

how much do they charge for long time in soi 7?

александр воронов says:

Remember bar Moscito-1997-1999 years!In foto.

Layer Cake says:

Good Video
I was in Pattaya for 3 weeks from middle of Febuary.Couldn't believe apart from Walking St which was busy but not as busy as it used to be,S0 6-7 seem to be struggling Only seemed really busy during Happy Hours and lots of bars for sale or rent on the other streets.
Still had a blast and hoping to make it back in the June when the weather will be unreal.

69liverpoollad says:

You like a suit sir?

H Max says:

That my kind of stroll, those streets packed with people are a nightmare. I wish they are that way when I go. Changing subject, everyone does the same thing, just points camera forward and walks, ok, so after you see 50 of these type of videos, what's new? I understand people want to film their trip, but why share it here if there's no info what so ever? O.K. congratulations, you went to pattaya. Good for you.

JackoBanon1 says:

This street was awesome a few years ago. Now it's a dead street. So sad.

Philo in the Philippines says:

Great video and thanks for this, it looks as though Soi 7 has recovered very well.

Brummie Brink says:

nice video thailand today. thanks

Samad Zolfkhani says:


john atkinson says:

what time was this filmed? were is everyone?

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