Soi 6 Pattaya Thailand evening walk along

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In this video you will see walk along Soi 6 Pattaya Thailand evening time

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Entertainment for every taste. Many beerbars gogo restaurants and massage parlors.
What’s going on Pattaya now
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Wirsingkohl mit Kaesespaetzle Gruene Salat says:

Da hats aber viele Huren.

alberto sobieski says:

Oh yes. Let the good times roll.

keithlamontbraggs says:

Never understood why any tourist would want to take their wife and kids down Soi 6.

Hulk Hulk says:

do you think all these whores have been tested for AIDS

Stephen Wallace says:


derek lewis says:

GET hidden camera glasses and get up in their faces n talk to them hehehe me. if you do this you will get tons of views!!! from me hehe

esclave capitaliste says:

"no video, no photo!" One day a ladyboy will kick your nuts, please upload the video too ^^

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:

nice, but philippines shits on thailand..

Ok says:

I love watching these just to hear them yell at you. I'm gonna bring a camera next time and walk down filming, see what they do.

chandler bing bong says:

5:25 the chick in the union flag dress needs to take it off…. preferably in my hotel room. 5555

hey i have something to say says:

walk to fast not stop girls and take your time man get a beer and take photo girl across street

john atkinson says:

Can you drink on soi 6 daytime now then?

gerry williams says:

Show more whores

mrPoming says:

I thought there was no action daytime in Soi 6..!?

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