Soi 6 Pattaya Luxury Hotel – Discovery Beach Hotel Thailand

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Today I found the Discovery Beach located just off of Soi 6 on Soi 6/1 road. This hotel has a nice view of the beach, has a great location and very friendly staff. It includes free breakfast and internet wifi for all of your computing needs. The downside is it is relatively expensive for Pattaya, 3.800 baht. However I just did a search on Agoda and it was only 2,000 baht there, so massive difference than booking in person.


Mr Rob says:

You are one creepy sex tourist.

bawad01 says:

dirty charlie….

mfmf100 says:

Does speaking English imitating a Thai accent actually help communicate?

JLB Matekoni says:

Typical walk in rate!

eric thefathead says:

Charlie seems to like the lady-boys.

Hank Roedell says:

Lousy jerky camera, I guess it's your new toy you are trying out.

Ottoman Empire says:

1:19 Turkish flag in the back hanging on the wall. <3 Proud…Deff, need to see that place

Varuna Sagar says:

crisp, clear video. ladies for a change were not shy in showing their face.

Ibuki Ishimine says:

What camera do you vlog with man?

Falo says:

i would rather go to the Climax Hotel and hook up with that 32yr old smokin hot chick and save money at the same time.

Travis Lane says:

A very important thing to note about this hotel is it is NOT girl friendly. If you only paid for one adult to stay in your room, and try to bring a girl back, they will try to charge you a 1000 baht joiner fee. I was originally interested in this hotel because of the view but the price is ridiculous and it cost even more if you want one of the newer rooms. The room shown in this video is in the older part of the hotel. I booked a much better room at View Talay 6 that has the same view, a 55 inch TV, you can bring as many girls as you want and it was half the price of this hotel. I also realized from this video that the walkway of the D Beach hotel goes directly into the gay side of Soi 6 so you would probably get propositioned by lady boys every time you step outside ….which I'm sure would get annoying quickly if that's not your thing…

Chris Port says:

Great informative blog my friend

Basilito Jouda says:

i have stayed there 2014 , the view from balcony is stunning and the night time view is wow , great vid dude , keep it up 🙂

jack clifford says:

a hotel that expensive right next to the Gauntlet that is soi 6/1

JiXMcGoon says:

do me a favor film "Super Star" Car Rental.

Shinku TV says:

Any prostitutes?

Serial Jazzer says:

$115 a night is unacceptable in Thailand! Unless she comes with the room, of course. I guess I'll be going to P.I. instead…Btw, nice vid!

Andreas Mathiassen says:

You dumb down the language, to speak with the locals. I suggest you try the hardest in one day to speak very clearly and without dumbing down the language. And make a video about it.

Nilesh Shah says:

Very expensive hotel price .

Not worth above 1000 baht

paul cooper says:

What did you say in the begining going into elevator no what in hotel i couldnt understand what you said.

D. Mark Carter says:

Charlie I think a better hotel for a lower price is the Tropicana Hotel between Beach Road and 2nd Road next to Soi 6/1.  It's a low rise hotel with a nice quiet location next to the beach.  It has a large pool, nice rooms and free breakfast. You really have too look for it because it is hidden. Look it up on Agoda or Trip Advisor.  The prices are much lower than Beach Hotel.

The Spanish Onion says:

Great Video… Check out my guide to Huai Khwang Bangkok.

Richard Garnache says:

That room was silly overpriced … you can get a whole suite for that price on agoda or booking

Adam Forrester says:

I always stay Amari ocean tower one million percent better than this !!

Yiddish SheKop says:

I mean WOW! this guy does not know anything about women; I can tell he likes Chinese tourist but doesn't realize most of them have money! They are not interested in you, flattered that a Gringo is trying to come on to them, but that's where it ends. Talk about BLUE balls! 🙂 Show some MAN pride dude, These are some of the easiest women in the world, based on my travels.

SweetGuy says:

whats the name of music at beginning?

Takashi says:

can get a hotel for $50 in thailand for the same room

Jeffrey Williams says:

Staying at a fancy hotel does not complement the seedy Sio 6 experience.

steven wilcoxen says:

My guess is South Korea?

Francis McKeever says:

Great video I like you talking to the people.Yes the ladyboy too.People must understand this is thr LB capital of the world.Maybe thet are looking at the wrong country

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