Soi 6/1 Beach road Pattaya Thailand. Day walk

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In this video you will see walk along Soi 6/1 Pattaya Thailand at the evening time. Also you will see Beach road and soi 6

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Ayman Shamiahh says:

Sexy ladyboys Wonderful video thanks you

Jerry Kwerve says:

Soi 6 always with the sexiest lb's

A RaysFan says:

I got caught on soi 6/1 in one of the other vlogs…but I was just there doing my laundry 555!

Madara Uchiha うちは says:

More Soi 6/1 videos 🙄🙄

Feef van der Feef says:

Great video ! most vloggers are scared to walk in soi 6/1

max miser says:

Some saucy ladyboys lurking round the back.

Sahil Chhabra says:

Sexy ladyboys

Gary Sharples says:

I listened to the comment and it was another knob with cam !
Please get a personality and stop sticking cam in persons face
0 out of 10 👎

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