Snorkeling Coral Island, Phuket, Thailand

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wynndizzle says:

Great video. But standing on the coral ain’t cool man.

Firerasier says:

Song is called Porcelain, by Moby. Not signs of love.

daws555 says:

How do you keep your breath that long

Fabian P says:

Great video @Gopro Vids. Have you used a red filter for the gopro? also could you please tell me what were your Gopro settings? I am visiting Thailand in 2 weeks, I would really appreciate some info.

Keep making video! Thanks in advance.


juju toto says:

amazing, very clear water and good camera

Jason Lawrence says:

very nice, Im off here august 2017 for a stayover

Gopro Vids says:

I did some post processing with color correction in adobe premiere pro.

matterarts_travelphotography says:

Wow fantastic color underwater! do you use some artificial underwater lights for video or not? Thank you

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