Small Thai Fishing port behind the seafood market – Naklua Thailand

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A look at some small Thai fishing boats and fisherman cleaning there gill next, Oh and a few old broken boats.

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Dale Calder says:

The guy with the nice new house sure had a good year.

Dave Wilcox Jr Outdoors says:

Cool to see! I bet you can smell that fresh salt water air there!

Orin says:

i would think the pontoons on the side help with flotation, but also take the roll out when going side wind. Have pretty much the same on our boats here, just a little different shape.

Rafs Kitchen Garden says:

They have a nice view from these houses also all are brand new looking nice ! Are you interested in fishing ?

Heith Gagnon says:

you ever go out on a fishing boat there? That would be neat to see what they get and how its done…

McDowall Manor says:

It looks exactly like Stradbroke Island…. except for pretty much everything. LOL.

bangalorebobbel says:

That 'fisherman's house' looks like brand new … would be interesting to see how that harbour place (and the market in your other video) have looked some 30 years back or so. Who knows, maybe only a rocky beach site with some market ladies sitting behind under their umbrellas …
I remember exactly such a change from Goa – there was a simple beach place where the fishermen landed their boats and their wives sold the fish straight away from there, and brought the remaining fishes to the nearby markets. Then they build there a building of their fishermen's cooperative and later a pier and then an open market hall … after 15 years there was kind of new fish market there 😉

john parker says:

see food ! i did not see any food !! good video ,thanks

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