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HEY FELLAS, enjoy my fifth blues music compilation!!!!! You really loved my previous compilation, so i hope that this one will live up to it’s standards!!!!!!

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andres suarez says:

Magnífica recopilación musical


So damn good

Marnice Wade says:

I just oozed off of my bed!

Music Lover says:

Great video and channel! I like what I saw. My channel has good content like yours you should check it out!

Music Universe says:

You've got my attention!

Sad/Playlist's says:

Eu amo isso

Lyn Champagne says:

I'm jammin' with this compil'tion, Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.
Harpin' and piano playin' – Thank you for this – indeed 🙂
At the core. Spot on.

Darius Glasscho says:

ABSOLUTE BEST compilation ever!! Every track is everything!

fabiano pasquale says:

Hi, My Friends! I love this blues music, as Sara of Morpheus Art Studio, for EVER!! Hallo, for you good evening!! For! me good night!! I'm content,Thanchs.)…………..

Joseph Outa says:

This guy delivers

RcjThelol says:

I was having a headache… until this!

Jamwhenever says:

Everyone like this set.

Arjen Franken says:

Awesome compilation! A contradiction in terms! It doesn't make feel Blue, it makes me feel great! Thanks man!

Mario Escudero says:

Gracias !!!!!

Justin Case says:

Keep up the good work man. I love this one as well, but that SLOW AND SEXY BLUES MUSIC COMPILATION 2017….I can't get enough of that one!!!!

Michelle Beckstrom says:

Thank you for this compliation!

Kyle Robinson says:

Iv got the blues

John Rossi says:

very very
nice, thank you for the assemblages

Jeanette Ringelsbacher says:

i like Blues , Rock, and Rock and Roll, thanks

Jeanette Ringelsbacher says:

shirley Johnson is verry niece,thanks

Jeanette Ringelsbacher says:

sie hat ne sehr gute schwarze stimme, ideal für blues

Jeanette Ringelsbacher says:

wow, die ist gut

Robert Davies says:

CARDIFF,1970 S. TIGERBAY!!! THE MOON CLUB!!! newcasle Brown ale.yeah!!!

Robert Davies says:


Jane Guarnera says:

Whoa, thank ya kindly!

jack bigley says:

115 people out there with no souls

Tonci Huljic says:

Please, post a playlist! Music is fantastic. Thanks.

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